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2nd Cute~. 169 CA Points
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4 [M]odified 130 CA Points
5 [*Igniz*] 113 CA Points

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September 8 2011
by [Admin]Rage


Alright so,
There was alot of accounts banned within the past 6days as I posted on website and on the facebook page. I'll post here as well.
Server is back on,
All banned accounts were deleted, All old alts new alts and deleted alts were deleted from the database making sure the server is currently back on track with the nice new system up and running smooth.
90% Of the dupes from the duppers were deleted and we added new ways to provent the dupping from happening again.
Good luck pirates,

All the accounts that were banned with-in the dupping range no matter if you knew or not you should've reported it.
It was pretty fishy when most the players that were banned used the eqs after me banning the main char and saying all
eqs from NoIzy and others will be banned no matter what inless handed over. The accounts were deleted to ensure they
don't get unban by a mistake and we also cleaned alot of the chars out. We have alot of things to do and alot of time to
ensure that our players of Rage of Sage Online have a clean and playable server. I intend to keep it that way no matter
who it is or witch guild it is since it's being called "Guild favs to the GMS" this has nothing to do with that.

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