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September 19 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Server Keeps Crashing..

Alright i know most of you are very pissed about the server keep crashing and what not, but let me set this straight.

This is NOT our fault. Some idiots thinking they are pro "hackers" are sending packets to our gateserver which is making the server crash/dc. We have 3 programs to block their packets but, they are STILL able to crash it. I don't know how, i don't know says the packet was blocked..but 5 mins later the server crashes.

We are very sorry for all of this, we are trying our best to resolve this issue.

I promise when all of this is resolved the following will happen.

-More Events Ingame
-Lottery System Ingame (75% done)
-Lottery System on Website (10% Done
-4th Rebirth (0% done)
-Max Level will be 135 first, in a few more weeks i will make it 150. (10% done)
-A new "glow" system (20% Done)
-A new maze, sorta like aurora/dark so you can level up to 135. (Would be impossible with the mobs there are now O_O) (0% Done)
-Hopefully the apparels for lance/carsise/ami (50% Done)

I hope you guys bear with us as we try to fix the server's security hole.

If you wanna check [GM]Rage progress on doing the following items above click here :D

Thank you all,

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