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1st [LeRoiDeSnake.] 884 CA Points
2nd -[If]uSeeMeRuN- 696 CA Points
3rd ~Alex~ 594 CA Points
4 `Esco~#68~ 505 CA Points
5 -[Dangerous]- 435 CA Points

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October 29 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Maintenance Over! Server Online

The server is now online!


A few things were added.

Halloween Town is added. The portal opens every 13 hours. It is located near argent north gate. Inside the map the pumpkin mobs drop a special "treat" which you can only use from October 31st to November 7th.

HellChapter is added. The portal opens every 8 hours. It is located northeast from icicle fountain. Inside the map are a bunch of Level 6,7 and 8 Sandbags to help you on your way to leveling to 135.
You can level up from lv5 sandbags until lv115, after that you can no longer get exp from them.

Run For Fun is added but not complete. The portal opens every 5 hours. It is located outside of shaitan gate. Inside this map are a bunch of towers. You have to survive and reach the end of the map to get the prize. (Still under going work)

Max Level is 135. There was some kind of bug at first, but i fixed it by setting every players exp to the exp you should have at lv110 (sorry to you ds/fc chars D: but you might have to remake your fc/ds).

4th Rebirth is added. You have to be level 135 for you to be able to accept the quest tho, (Haha to all of you who wanted to complete it in 1 day!)

Glow system is added. You have to complete 4th rebirth before you can obtain new glows. (Note: You have a choice whether you want the new glows or not. If you do want the new glow, you will have to give up your master neck glow. ;))

Thats all for now i think, if i forgot something, i will remeber when i wake up.. was working on these updates for about um.. 7 hours straight? so i am very tired right now o_O.

Well Thanks for your patience and your support

ROSO Team :)

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