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October 31 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Halloween Events!

Hey there guys!

For Halloween, i'm doing a special type of event. But first there is a DOUBLE IMP event for Halloween going on.

1. All payments will be doubled no matter the amount.

Now for the ingame events!

"Pumpkin Head Gather-er"

Well i have created a special pumpkin head for this event, basically you will get a "Halloween Pumpkin Head" for every person you kill in a pk map. On November 7th, each player will then screenshot how many pumpkin heads they have obtained and post it in the forum under the topic i will make.

Well first there will be 5 winners

-Grand Prize: 35 IMPS and 5x Heart Of Reborn
-Runner Up Prize: 30 IMPS and 4x Heart of Reborn
-3rd Place Prize: 20 IMPS and 3x Heart of Reborn
-4th Place Prize: 10 IMPS and 2x Heart of Reborn
-5th Place Prize: 5 IMPS and 1x Heart of Reborn

Each person you kill to obtain the Pumpkin head, MUST be a completely different person. Your friends/guild mates cannot allow you to kill them for this. I will be checking the system logs for repeated kills and if they are indeed related to the killer, you will be disqualified from the event.

There will be other events through out the week related to Halloween and such, I am sorry this may seem unorganized, but as you know, [GM]Justin was responsible for this event but since he cannot do it for technical reasons, i have to do them with my good old buddy Charlie :).

Apparel NPC is added at 2185,2814 Argent City

Thank you all!!

ROSO Team!


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