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December 25 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Regarding in-game issues and problems

Okay guys please read this carefully or have a friend translate this for you.

If you have issues / problems that is regarding the game i'd suggest you post it on the forums


It is strongly recommended for you to do that, that way the [GM]'s can keep track of peoples cases / records of their problems.

We have too many issues to deal with and can't remember everyones cases when everyone is spam chatting to us all at once.

If you don't post your issues or problems
in the Help Center area of the forums you will
get no help in-game. At the end of the day
the [GM]'s will check the post and then further note you either in-game or forum mail regarding it.

._. I hope this method doesn't cause anymore problems than it is now because people wait a week or so to be helped ( Yes it takes that long because the list of cases is that long to deal with ) and it's starting to become a problem for us because people don't fully report it on the forums.

^_^ Have a Happy Holiday and I hope
everyone enjoys their christmas.

ROS Team

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