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April 12 2012
by [Admin]Rage

New Malling System Till Old 1 Fixed.

Hello, We are having problems with our old mall we will be using forum mall for now till old 1 is fixed.

Please go to.
New mall because old 1 is bugged. Click Here

IF You are unable to access the forum and need to get ahold of a GM

[email protected]

Will be the email you send to.

I will make the accounts and send you the info back.

Thank you and sorry.

Justin Frost.

This is what it looks like.

Welcome to Rage of Sage's Online Mall System

We are having trouble with our site mall right now so this is the new way of getting your item's.

I have agreeded to help with player's request's as long as this is how they are filled out.

This will help us keep track of item's and help us solve the storage box issue.

A GM will be online 9 Hour's a day on forum checking this topic over and over again. Each time a request

Is placed the GM will log in and reward the item to you intill the bug's are fixed.

I'm sorry we have to do this.

Let's get started on how each post will be made here.

Account Name:
Char Name:
What you want:
How many x's that:
Date posted:
Date you got:

Rage of Sage Staff.

If you are unable to make an account on our forum please send an email to

[email protected] and I will make the account for you and i'll send you the password back.


From this new letter on the mall is disabled so do not try to use it. Thank you.

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