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April 12 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Rage of Sage Offline.

Hello Everyone.

I'm sorry to say this yet again. Tomorrow Rage of Sage will be Online. I will not give a dead on time, But we have alot of problems lately with thing's. I rather the server be down instead of losing it due to dupes and hacks. So I regret to yet again close Rage of Sage but there is nothing more I can do right now.

We will be re-opening tomorrow. Please enjoy playing game's online or chatting on our forum. Just keep in mind we love you guys and don't want to lose you from the server.

There may be another rollback but I can promise you it will be the last 1.

Event this weekend Saturday due to this. I'll be doing.

-Mob event. 3x Master pet for 30mins each map.
-Hide and seek 10x Rounds will add some good items ill post here when I got them.
-Drop event. 100mil notes, kylin cards, azz chests, and 1x Kylin set and app.
-Question and answer event, 3x rounds.

1 of the events will be big. I will credit 1 RANDOM player for 500 credits
another player with 250 credits
another player with 150 credits.

Stay tuned and don't blame us for this. Blame the people that can't play game's fairly and make it enjoyable for others.

Kind and lovable regard's,
Rage of Sage Team.

We love you!

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