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3rd Draco~ 1127 CA Points
4 -Xena- 889 CA Points
5 -[Modified]- 840 CA Points

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July 19 2012
by [Admin]Rage

About Justin!!

Hello Rage of Sage Players.

I have been getting alot of report's of Justin editing his eq's and giving to his friend's. Well I spent most of today looking at logs of Justin + Trade log's witch can not be editted/deleted and no eq's were made. The only thing that were editted was the ROSO neck's and the sword's with Great Rage's. I have given Justin a warning not to do it again. If this problem keeps going between you players and him and he didn't do anything you will be warned. I also told him not to be sharing accounts if he was doing that as it cause's problems like so. Thank you for reporting all this when i'm away from the server.

For you people who are constantly reporting to me every single thing justin does. It will NOT make me fire him. You people seem to think that i just hired justin after i created roso. You are wrong he is the reason i made roso in the first place. I do not care if you don't like my decision. Justin will be on staff forever and always until he decides to leave himself. If anything, he owns roso more than i do. If you don't like how i do things well then i dont give a fuck. im not the perfect owner you think i am and no one will be perfect. So deal with it.

Thank You,
The Almighty (GM)RAG3

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