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20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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    Players Online220 / 618
    Server StatusOnline
    +25% damage buff
    Stats refreshes every 5mins


Ranking List
Rank Player Points
1st -[Dangerous]- 877 CA Points
2nd Nitro~ 697 CA Points
3rd SnowFlake~ 677 CA Points
4 Arco~ 625 CA Points
5 xThorSs` 523 CA Points

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July 22 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Updates and 2x IMP EVENT!

Hello Rage of Sage Players.

We updated the server fixed a few thing's and hopefully lag will stop now.

Were also starting our monthly 2x week imp event.

This 2x event will have some bonus's to it.

If you donate the following amount's you will get a bonus.

Donation list:

$25.00 = 50 IMP + 5 IMP
$50.00 = 100 IMP + 10 IMP
$75.00 = 150 IMP + 15 IMP
$100.00 = 200 IMP + 20 IMP
$125.00 = 250 IMP + 25 IMP
$150.00 = 300 IMP + 30 IMP
$200.00 + Will be given a bonus of 60imps!

The 2x IMP Event start's as of now.


Sunday JULY 22nd 2012 - Sunday JULY 29th 2012 Midnight.

Update's wanting to be done during this event:

The new wing's we been trying to add.
Wing's will be added to Credit/Mall.
Fix the Rage Helm quest.

Thank you for choosing Rage of Sage Online. Please stay tuned with more of our update's that are coming to Rage of Sage Online!

Your beloved staff.

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