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August 28 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Coming soon! Update 2/4!

Welcome to Rage of Sage Online updates.

What were updating on the 2/4 Update during this week.

New Exchange's.

Roso Coin Exchanger

-Roso Neck 4,00 Coins. : Location = Insane Memoriez

-30 Roso Coins = Pot Package ( Codfish,Sturgeon, Bubble 8x of each)

- Lv 1 Chipped Gem Of Your Choice.(15x Roso Coins)

-30 Roso Coins = 15x EXP Cards!

-600 Roso Coins = New Legend Wings

-20x Roso Coins = Lv 2 Flash Bomb 2x

-50x Roso Coins = Lv 1 Flash Bomb 25x

Where Do I find ROSO Coins?

You can find ROSO Coins currently only from Insane Memoriez PK Zone. But after this update their will be more way's to gain ROSO Coins. Such as farming, Mini quests and much more!

New Award Center Package

-New award package like special promo card. Exchange package for any of the following.

1x Kylin

1x Kylin Apparel.

2x Kylin ring

1x Kylin neck

-- For weapons.(Keep in mind for weapon choice you only get the class item. Not all the weapons in 1.)

2x Cruz Sword.

1x SS Gun

1x SS Bow

1x SM Staff

1x Cleric staff

1x Kylin hammer

2x Champ 1 hand sword.


-Dungeon Realm

-Pk Event Map

-Reforge Map(Being Fixed)


New event mob created for hosting events with new amazing drops

Merriage System Should Be Fixed 100%

If anymore updates are done on Rage of Sage Online. This list will be 100% updated each time. So keep your eyes open. :D

Love your Rage of Sage Online Team.
[Admin]Justin Frost

P.S We have a new 'unofficial' scripter - Perseus, he'll be helping with the new features and fixing bugs :D

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