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Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 7,793
2nd Zenpie#86 4,824
3rd -[#24]+Wegzz.~ 4,708
4th SpallanZany 4,629
5th ~*Jutyx*~ 4,510
6 Strongarm 2,721
7 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,412
8 Star~ 2,003
9 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,913
10 zSkill. 1,770

August 31 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Update! 2/4 and 3/4! Yay!!!

Hello Rage of Sage Players.

We have some great news! We are adding a bunch of thing's that we think will improve and bring the server back to life!

I personally [Admin]Justin Frost, Would like to say sorry due to the amount of work and time we havn't been putting into ROSO and there isn't any excuse beside's being lazy.

The past week I been thinking of idea's and getting help from other players for ideas as well.

So I came up with an idea. "Rage of Sage Update 1/4-4/4" This would give me time to add thing's slowly and at my own time. I just finished Update 2/4 Started on 3/4.

2/4-3/4 Will be added right after the server restarts.

I'd also like to give credit's to these players that have helped me with some ideas.


Have been credited for the time and effort they put into telling me some ideas on MSN.

So here's the detail's on what's been added/editted/fixed and will be worked on as the days go on.

List of things covered:
-Information about the new exchangers and items.
-Information about the new award set up.
-Information about VIP set and other mall items.


DW 1 Boss: Wandering Soul = Floating Soulz
DW 2 Boss: Snowman Warlord = Unforgiven Knight


The current amount of HP MAX and DEF Of these Mobs Were to weak for a players interest.
So during 2/4 and 3/4 update. [Admin]Justin boosted some HP Max and DEF for player's to have
to help guild's vs these monsters!.


They travel alone but yet very strong and their rare but loving souls get hurt, They die and leave
the slayer drops of the best things to become strong and become known. We need to slay these new mobs
each DW and prove that you as players can handle anything staff throws at them.

Wandering Soulz = Floating Soulz
The Stats:
Before - After
Before: Lv55- After: lv75
Before: HP: 1000000 - After: 2000000
Before: Attack: Min 960- Max- 1440 - After Min: 25,000 Max: 30,000
Before: Defence: 434 - After: 2,500
Before: Hit Rate: 400 - After: 900
Before: Dodge: 227 - After 700

Drop List:
2x Roso Chests!
1x 100mil Note!
5x Buff Notes!
2x Kylin Neck Frags!

Snowman Warlord = Unforgiven Knight

Before - After
Before: Lv65 -After:Lv 80
Before: HP: 1500000 -After:3000000
Before: Attack: Min: 1120 - Max:1680 - After: Min: 30,000 - Max: 35,000
Before: Defence:474 - After: 3,000
Before: Hit Rate: 400 - After: 1,000
Before: Dodge: 262 - After : 800

Drop List:
2x Soro Chest!
1x 100mil Note!
5x Buff Notes!
2x Kylin Ring Frags!

Event Mob:

Lovez Devil.

Information: Hello players of Rage of Sage Online, I'm the new event mob for Rage of Sage Online events. I have a story to tell but not much time due to the amount of fun this will be.
I can promise you as a mob/boss! That I am the strongest mob known to players here. I can promise you that you will die for an attempt to kill me. You will need to work together to beat
me and when you do. I will drop amazing prize's. Please work together and help us improve our events and help eachother improve. There is no excuse for not being apart of this. You
will need all classes to provide the support to kill me. I can seal you, I can stun you, I can even 1 hit you if given the chance! I will not think twice about doing it either!

Lv 145
HP: 980,000,000
Min Attack: 85,000
Max Attack: 9,0000
Defence: 3,500
Hit Rate: 2,000
Dodge: 1,000

Drop List!:
Exp Cards
Roso/Soro Chests
1b notes
Buff Notes

-Information about the new exchangers and items.-

Roso Coin Exchanger:

Information: Hello Rage of Sage, It's nice to meet you. I heard you guys love the PK here and you love the new updates! So I thought I'd come along to boost your love! I got some news
for you and only you as players! I want you to pk your hardest because I have a secret for you. I love roso coins, I love seeing the system spam and I love helping along side my pkers.

What does my store have in stock for you ask? Well let's go and take a look at the exchange rates:

-Chip Gems: I exchange em here. Bring me 15x Roso Coins for a Chip gem of your choice!
-Legend wings: I exchange your coins for ROSO's new wings! 600 ROSO Coins will buy you a fresh new pair!
-ROSO's Neck: Oh you think we love you malling? We also love supporting our non mallers. 4,000 Roso coins for this wonderful neck.
-HP Pack: I heard this server loves pots, So I thought I'd be a nice guy and add some for ya. 5x Codfish Steamboat, 5x Savory Bubble Fish, 5x China Clay All for a grand total of 50x Roso Coins. Crazy Right?
-Roso Demi Coin: Demi Coin Exchange Vaule 1,000 Roso Coins = 1x Demi Coin. ROSO Demi Coin will be needed for ROSO Neck. 4x

How do I obtain these wonderful coins you ask?
1x Coin per kill in these maps:
Chaos Argent.
Insane Memoeriz

Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Now PK BABEH!

Kylin Award Exchanger!

Information: Hello Rage of Sage, It's nice to be back and working for my loyal and hard working farmers of this great server. I have came to give you a special and a none refusable offer.
You guy's love to farm your credits? You guys seem to be buying alot of kylin items and being ripped off. Well that stops now! I will be cheap I will be amazing and I WILL PROVIDE YOU AMAZING

What do I have to offer wonderful people like you?

Special Award Card.

This card will get you a cheap and honest pay for your hard work!

The card can be exchanged here for the following!

-1x Kylin Set!
-1x Kylin App!
-1x Roso Helm!
-1x Choice of class wep!
-1x Kylin Neck!
-1x Kylin Ring!

---Information about the mall---

Hello guys we added a new set to mall called, "VIP SET" and we forgot to add what it all has.

The set contains a cool glow effected followed by Rage and Sage effect. The set is only obtainable from our 2 GM's [Admin]Justin and (GM)RAG3.

To find more information about how to obtain this set. Please send us an email with the information followed by when you want to purchase the set and we will log in to give you it.

Without anymore questions about that.

We also added a 99x Bless pot pack for 30imps. ( Cheaper Then The Pot Pack Was. )

We also added Rage/Sage Helms for ( 15 Imps Each!)

---Information About Award Center---

We have added "Name Change Card" For an amazing 5,000 Credits Vaule!

We have added "Reforge Card" For an amazing 15,000 Credit Vaule!


Thank you for reading all this information and please enjoy Rage of Sage Online! We will have update 4/4 Coming soon! Please stay tuned!

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