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Jun 18, 2024          10:18:25 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 7,793
2nd -[#24]+Wegzz.~ 5,273
3rd ~*Jutyx*~ 4,914
4th Zenpie#86 4,824
5th SpallanZany 4,714
6 Strongarm 2,810
7 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,413
8 Star~ 2,098
9 zSkill. 1,986
10 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,949

December 21 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Holiday Events!

Hey guys here are some holiday events that will happen between now and Jan 3rd 2013

Saturday December 22nd 2012- January 3rd 2013

All donations will be doubled! But that is not all! for Every 50 imps malled (Without being doubled) Will obtain 1x Holiday Pack! This is how it will go

$50 = 1x Holiday Pack
$100 = 3x Holiday Packs
$150 = 5x Holiday Packs
$200 = 7x Holiday Packs

Note*: 1 Holiday Packs contains : 2x Lv1 Rage Master Gem, 2x Lv1 Sage master Gem, 5x Lv9 Ref Vochures, 5x Lv1 Tank's Buff, 5x Lv1 Broken Sage, 5x Lv1 Warrior's Speed, 5x Lv1 Fleeing Shadow, 5x Lv1 Knight's Power, 5x Lv1 Blinding Wind, 5x Lv1 Improved Archer.

Note**: Holiday packs will automatically be delivered to your storage boxes once your order is completed

Also if you purchase a VIP set between this period you will obtain a level 175 pet of your choice (Str,Agi,Acc,Spr) or a Lv130 con pet

Note***:VIP set is $120 and you do not get IMPs if you purchase a set.

Friday December 21st,2012 - Monday December 24th,2012

Christmas Wish

All you have to do is post on our Facebook page what you wish [GM]Santa will give you for christmas! We will be picking 30 random players and giving them their wish

Please follow the following format:

Dear [GM]Santa, I would like _________ for christmas!

My character is :______

The winners names will be posted on our Facebook page and your prizes will be delivered to your storage box!

Note*: Don't do outrageous request such as "Level 9 RMGs In my Hat plox!". If you do, it will be ignored!

On our Facebook wall there is a post that says "Reply here for the Christmas Wish Event!" Please reply there!

Saturday December 22nd,2012

Fighting [GM]Santa

Hes back! At 3:00PM in Demonic World, [GM]Santa will appear before you!

Santa will be using normal equipment, but with some edited stats.

Stats Will be as following:
-4.5mil HP
-6.5k Defense
-80k Max
-1k Dodge
-1.3k Attack Speed
-1.3k Hit Rate
-102 Physical Resistance

Note*: During this event Santa will not be able to use codes to heal himself at all, and to ensure this, Santa will remove his GM powers.

Note**: If [GM]Santa is defeated within 30minutes of the event being started, he will be dropping the following in each of the 3 cities

-100x Azrael Chests
-100x 100mil Notes
-100x ROSO Chests
-100x SORO Chests
-20x Sealed Fearless Chests
-50x Rare Snow Dragon fruits
-50x Rare Shaitan Biscuits
-50x Rare Zephyr Fish Floss
-50x Rare Icespire Plum
-10x RMG Chests
-10x SMG Chests
-3x Rage Set Chests
-3x Sage Set Chests

Note***:If he is not defeated within 30 minutes then he will be dropping the following after the event is over

-30x Azrael Chests
-20x 100mil Notes
-20x ROSO Chests
-20x SORO Chests
-5x Sealed Fearless Chests
-10x Rare Snow Dragon fruits
-10x Rare Shaitan Biscuits
-10x Rare Zephyr Fish Floss
-10x Rare Icespire Plum
-2x RMG Chests
-2x SMG Chests

Monday December 24th,2012

Evil Santa Invasion Army

Evil Santa is back and he is bringing his army to shaitan gates!

Evil santa will be hiding behind his minions, once he is defeated he will respawn but his minions will be there until December 26th

Tuesday December 25th,2012

Merry Christmas!

If you are online on christmas day, the game will randomly be giving out prizes to all characters that are online. The more characters that are online, the better the prizes are!

Thursday December 27th,2012

Hide- N- Seek

There will be 15 rounds of hide and seek events, the first player to find [GM]Santa will be able to choose one of the following prizes
-Lv150 Pet
-ROSO Rings
-Fearless Set(Not Sealed)
-Kylin Set
-One of the Lv150 Skill Books
-Name change Card
-Reforging Card
-Legend Wings
-Fearless Apparel (Can fuse any set to this and get all of the fearless effects)

Monday December 31st,2012

All day on New Years Eve, if you are online you will be given random prizes.

At 11:59:50 The system will start a countdown to new years based on the servers time. Once it reaches new years, there will be fireworks displayed on every character online and you will also obtain a random prize!

Thursday January 3rd,2012

Guild Tournament

-To be announced-

Thank You,

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