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Jul 18, 2024          03:34:08 PM

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6 Strongarm 2,813
7 l~[#Groggy#]~l 2,393
8 Star~ 2,098
9 zSkill. 1,987
10 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,949

December 25 2012
by [Admin]Rage

Christmas Wish Winners!

Hey guys, these are the winners of the Christmas wish event!

1. Carlos Martinez "Dear [GM]Santa would like have rage boots unfused clean this Xmas, thats all i need to complete my set rage, my character name is (xYellow) hope you all enjoy this Xmas in these wonderful days :$"
2. Humberto Politi "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Rage Set for christmas! My character is : Akio"
3. Rônald Villas "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like to have a rage boots for Christmas IGN: chichimaster"
4. Gonzalo Carita Arevalo "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Rage Swords for christmas! Char Name: [GangsTa]"
5. Marcielo Vilca Melendez "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Rage Set for christmas! PD: Nice Server[i New] xd My character is : Viska"
6. Fork Spoon "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like 30 imps or rage stone 'Char Name:Senyora"
7. Mohd Izzat Irsyad "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like u change my 126 pet str to be 150 str pet for christmas! My character is :BloodLast"
8. Andrey Roberto Bustamante "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like a Rage Set for christmas My character is : Anarchy"
9. Sofi Monge Dear "[GM] Santa, I would like to get Rage Swords thanks My Character is : iChecho"
10. Fernando Morales "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Roso Lv9 for christmas! My character is :Flan"
11. Claudia Méndez "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Lv150 Pet Acc or Str for christmas! My character is :Buffinta >^.^<"
12. Azrul Amri "Dear [GM]Santa, i would like Lv6 Rage Master Gem for christmas!My Character is :[Vyner]"
13. Razzirfan Nik Razzi Irfan "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like 1x roso neck and pet lv150 acc for christmas!My character is :011"
14. Sheila Law "Dear [GM]Santa , I would like Upgraded sage armor and a upgraded sage boot My character is M1Sak1"
15. Annelies Deblauwe "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like a sageset for christmas!My character is : May"
16. Andrei Kyle Villahermosa "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like a Stack of a Blessed Potion or a +27 Kylin Set for christmas! My Character name is: FluffyGirl. Thank you very much! Merry Christmas ^^,."
17. Alisha Lee "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like a sage set for christmas! My character is: GearThird"
18. Victor Manuel "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Agi pet 150 for christmas!My character is : [Mercenary]"
19. Antonio Fernandes "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Rage set or Rage swords for christmas, Thanks! My Character is: danmark"
20. AbdulAziz Al-Mansour "Dear [GM]Santa, I would love to have a sage set please and thank you I've been so good this year hopefully I'll get one!!! My Character name is :[-Hunter-] (LittleQueen if I'm not available) Thanks ."
21. Dalton Blaine Arbaugh "Dear [GM]Santa, i would like a Clean Rage Set and x50 exp pamphlets.Character Name: TheBestSsInTown"
22. Sapphire Stone "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like a sage set and also a sage staff seal master for christmas. My character is StarLightLove."
23. Lorenzo Feng "Dear [GM]Santa,I would like ROSO lvl9 for christmas. My character is :L4nC3sH4rP"
24. Lancer Trex "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Master neck for christmas. My character is :lolman123"
25. BiskUt Vanila "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like to hav Pet Str lvl 150 Or Roso Neck Just That What I need Only .. My Character name is Atiqah.. im new in here... merry christmas [GM]Santa.. wish u good luck all time.. Love U "
26. Keviin Alexander "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like Sage Set :33 for christmas! My Char : Shisou"
27. Jordan Hassink "Dear [GM]Santa , i would like a rage set and a 4rb stone My Char Name is : Corn"
28. Rinor Hasani "Dear [GM]Santa, i would like 1x Rage Sword Clean Or 1x Master Neck for Christmas My Character is: HeReWeArE"
29. Sandra Toledo "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like rage promo card -rage stones,rosoneck-lv1-2rmg For Christmas My character Is :±pakura"
30. M Vic Viña "Dear [GM]Santa, I would like a Rage Set for christmas!My character is : Kirito Thank you and Merry Christmas."

All prizes have been delivered to either your storage box or i logged into your character and gave them to you.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

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