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1st -[If]uSeeMeRuN- 286 CA Points
2nd Unruly*SS 243 CA Points
3rd Nitro~ 188 CA Points
4 -[Dangerous]- 179 CA Points
5 [Sexy]Shiina 165 CA Points

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April 11 2013
by [Admin]Rage

[3:00 PM-7:00 PM]Maintenance April 13th, 2013

Hi guys! There will be a 4 hour maintenance on April 13th,2013!

The following will be done

-Champions Blood bull and Primal Rage will be fixed
-Sacred War map will be edited (Better system, when you enter, the team you are on will no longer depend on navy or pirate guild status. The prizes will be bumped up too)
-Event Chests (At random times during the day, event chests will spawn around the outskirts of Argent, Icicle and Shaitan City. When you kill them you will obtain random prizes and system announces the winners)
-ROSO Energy Cards function will be changed. Instead of having to repeatedly buy them, you will start out with 1 that has 500 Energy. Every time you use one of the skills the energy will decrease until it reaches 0.
-Love line skill will be fixed
-6 New skills! 1 for each class (they will be adjusted depending on player response, more skills to come)
-Fairies will be fixed ( AJR, August Pets, 3rd Gen Pets)

More to come! Working on a few map features!

Thank You,

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