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1st [-IfuSeeMeRuN-] 238 CA Points
2nd Cute~. 169 CA Points
3rd -[Dangerous]- 153 CA Points
4 [M]odified 130 CA Points
5 [*Igniz*] 113 CA Points

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April 13 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Server Back Online!

Hi Guys! Maintenance is over, please download the patch below if you cannot automatically update your client

Patch April 13,2013

The following has been done
-Champions are fixed. Bloodbull/Primal Rage/Howl no longer needs a tattoo to be equipped
-Sacred war map has been edited! You will be on random teams once you enter! You must still be in a guild though!
-Event chests at time intervals of every 3 hours will be spawned randomly around the main maps.
-ROSO Energy Cards are required to use the new skills! The amount will vary depending on the skill
-The love line skill is fixed, you can now teleport to your partner with the skill. It is not allowed to be used in CA,BH,BR,Dark House or Prison Island
-6 New Skills! The Skill chest is dropable by Monster Pet, Volcanic Beast, Barborosa (Stats have been bumped up) and Hell Sky. The chest will give a random skill for each class. (Guide showing the skills will be up momentarily)
-The faires ( AJR, August Pets, 3rd Gen Pets) Are fixed! They will show (BUGGED) by their name if you have one, just place it on fairy slot and double click it, and you will be given a new unbugged one with the same stats!

Thank You,

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