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June 8 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Jun 8th, 2013]

Hey guys, the server is back online. Please run the autopatcher in your client, or if you cannot automatically update your client, please download the following patch

Patch June 8th 2013

Lets go into detail about what i did during this maintenance.

Chaser Map

This map is featured in a game called s4 league. I thought it was a good system so I added it to roso.

The map opens every 12 hours, the portal stays open for 1 hour

There is a limit as to how many players can enter the map at once! Only 16 players at a time can enter the map

The reason for this is because there will be 1 chaser, and 15 players attempting to surivive as long as they can.

Once you enter the map, you will be sealed until all 16 players have entered the map. The system will then start a countdown and the first chaser will be chosen.

The chaser will get bonus stats [HP/HitRate/Max/Min/Def] will be increased tremendously. But your dodge rate will drop.

Each chaser has 5minutes to kill everybody in the map, once they have accomplished that the system will seal everybody until the next chaser is chosen again

The chaser gets points for every player they kill.

If the chaser does by chance die, everybody will be frozen until a new chaser is chosen.

Players obtain a point depending on how much damage they deal to the chaser

Players also get points at the end of each chaser round if they are alive!

The following skills cannot be used in the map

[Master Teleport]

All others will be allowed.

Note:This is a completely new system, so if there are any bugs please do not hesistate to report them.


All guilds that had 6 memebrs or less were deleted

Fairy Trade NPC

The fairy NPC in shaitan city now gives the option to trade your current fairy for a different one with the same stats. [AJR|AUGUST|3RD GEN|MJR]. You just need to make sure the pet you want to trade is in the pet slot of your inventory.

Upgrading BD Effects

I have upgraded the BD effects to deal more damage and increased their effected time so that they stand a chance against the rage/sage effects

BD Mobs In CA

The BD Mobs in CA have had tehir stats pumped up! try em out

Abaddon Bosses

The abaddon bosses have also had their stats pumped up

Love Line skill

If you have a marriage certificate but you lost your loveline skill (by rebirth) it will automatically be given to you

Daily Quests

There are now 3 daily quests to choose from if you are under level 135. I took the suggestions from players on the forum and decided this was a good idea. You can find the NPC next to Tundra Path portal

Same Sex marriage

Again, following player suggestions, i have disabled the barrier that you needed to marry. You can now marry with your same sex.

Fearless Accessories

In order to obtain fearless ring/necklace, you need a Fearless Emblem which can be obtained with 25 kylin cards at the npc "Fear".
Go to any equipment upgrader, place your kylin accessory in with the fearless emblem, and you will obtain a fearless accessory !


Gyoza's have been allowed to be stacked to 99 now. They also have a 3 second cooldown after each use!

Reforge Card

Reforge card has been edited to allow the transfer of gems between guns and bows!

Tundra Path

As a bonus upgrade, I have changed the Tundra path portal into an NPC. The npc will give you information on Tundra Path if you have no idea what to do there! I have also edited the requiremnts of the equipment. If there are any gems above level 6 in your equipment, you will not be allowed to enter

If there are any bugs with anything, please feel free to report it using our contact us form

Thank You,

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