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June 11 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Forum Event : [Open the Chest]

Hello Guys, since i understand that most of you got finals now ive made an easy forum event for you.
all you have to do is to answer my question correctly, then pick a chest from the 25 chests below and wait for your prize.

Details (must read) :

ill ask random question at random times (all question will be about stuff in roso), the first to answer the question correctly can choose a chest.

there are 25 chests shown below, every chest has a number on it, only 10 chests have rewards while 15 chests are empty.

you can only choose one chest, so if you got a chest dont answer the rest of the questions just wait until the event end and see if you won something.

every chest can be chosen by one person only, so once someone chose a chest the chest pic will change into black and white which means you cant choose that chest anymore.

Chests prizes :
Rage/Sage set
Rage/Sage weapon
Rage / sage hat
Lv150 pet
25 imps
20 imps
15 imps
2x roso rings
roso necklace
name change card
Event duration :
Starts 10/06/2013
Ends when chests finish
Event rules (MUST READ)
every player can choose one chest only. if we found out that you are trying to cheat by using different forum accounts and different ips you will be kicked from the event and you wont be able to join anymore forum events and you will be given a warning.
if you choose a chest number, you cant change it later.
you cant ask to change your reward.
dont choose a chest unless i ask you to.
you are free to ask any questions but dont chat in the thread to keep it organized.
make sure to post your char name with the number you chose or your participation wont be counted.
please post your exact char name (with its symbols if it has) so gm can give you your reward incase you won.
dont spam, dont flame, dont fight, and have fun.

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