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August 20 2013
by [Admin]Rage

[5:00 PM-11:00 PM]Maintenance August 30th, 2013

Hey guys, there will be a 6 hour maintenance on Friday, August 30th

This update will be called

What will happen during this update you ask?

-Merchant Class will be available
-Fix of level 150 players using love line skill to enter DS/FC
-Tundra Path will no longer allow anybody with pets over 126 inside/fused rage/sage weapons and equipment
-New "Timed Gear" available by quests
-The damage/defense ratio will be adjusted
-Addition of "Excruciating Dragon Gems"
-Level 150 Weapons will be available by Quest
-You will be able to exchange 1x Demi ROSO Coin back into ROSO Coin
-FC/DS will be upgraded so more players can join in
-You will be able to gain the effects of 4th RB wings without needed it to be on wing slot. Just has to be somewhere in your inventory
-The "Coin Shower" effect will be removed to reduce lag in cities
-2 More new skills will be available(1 for champs, 1 for Clerics)
-Fixing the Sacred War Bug
-Sage Buff system notice will no longer spam you. Will only show each time you are buffed, not if you are already buffed

As always, more details on each of these will be added once the maintenance is over =)

Thank You for your support,

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