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August 29 2013
by [Admin]Rage


Hey guys!

Here's my little event..

As the name says it, you'll need to catch the bait. In this case i will be the bait. The event will consist in.. There will be a team, the players will choise their party members, 1 party each round, and they will be teleported to a new map that i'm adding to make this event.

Once the players in, they have 45 seconds to catch me, i wont be PK-ing them just running around faster than flash, but they need to kill me [I WONT BE OVERPOWERED]. If they dont catch, when timer reach 45 seconds players will be kicked from map.

*No Flashbombs of any level allowed.

Now the good part, Rewards:

If a team of players catch the bait, each player will get a prize of their choise:

-Gem Accessory Bag (x3)
-Roso/Soro Chest (x3).
-Name Change Card (x1)
-Flash bomb lv4 (x5).
-Blessed potions (x3).
-Reforge Card (x1).
-1bil Note (x1).

How to join this event?

I will be waiting all at Atlantis Heaven in Icicle City (1049,657) and you must join me there with your party already, i will add party leaders as friend and after that i will teleport to the place where the portal to the new map will be.

I will be hosting this event on August 31th,2013 at 08:00 PM Server Time.

Thank You,

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