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November 30 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Nov 30th, 2013]

Server is back online! Please run the autopatcher in your client, or if you cannot automatically update your client, please download the following patch

Patch November 30th 2013

ROSO Energy Cards

ROSO Energy Cards have been revamped! You can now "Upgrade" them to Level 2-4

Lv1 ROSO Energy Card = 500 Energy
Lv2 ROSO Energy Card = 1000 Energy
Lv3 ROSO Energy Card = 3000 Energy
Lv4 ROSO Energy Card = 6000 Energy

In order to "upgrade" them, visit skill echanger.

2x Lv1 ROSO Energy Card = 1x Lv2 ROSO Energy Card
3x Lv2 ROSO Energy Card = 1x Lv3 ROSO Energy Card
4x Lv3 ROSO Energy Card = 1x Lv4 ROSO Energy Card

All skills that require the use of ROSO Energy cards will only work if you have only 1 of any of the cards. You cannot have more than 1 in your inventory, otherwise skill will not work.

New Lava Dragon

Many of you guys asked for it, and here it is!

A new lava dragon Lava Dragon(4th RB) has been made specifically for 4th Rebirth only. This Boss drops no items, so it's only use is for 4th rebirth.

4th Rebrith quest will require you to kill the new Lava Dragon, in order to complete it

Boss Locations

-Credits to Issei-

Warrior Demon: Thundoria Mirage (188,194)

Succubus of Hell: Shaitan Mirage (120,109)

Both mirage's mobs have been bumped up in stats. You must be Level 140+ to enter either mirages. You are rquired to have a reality mask which you can purchase at Argent Grocer Jimberry

Thundoria Mirage:
-Portal Location (600,2106). [Teleport to Chaldea Haven. It is to the left]
-Portal opens every 4 hours
-Portal stays open for 3 hours
-Map stays open for 3 hours 45 minutes

Shaitan Mirage:
-Portal Location (1244,3203)[Teleport to Oaisis Haven. It is to the right]
-Portal opens every 4 hours
-Portal stays open for 3 hours
-Map stays open for 3 hours 45 minutes


All tickets are stackable to 250

Merchant Death Equipment

You can get them from the unseal seller in shaitan city

Universal Lot

You can obtain a stack of universal lots from the Reputation NPC in icicle for 10k rep.

You must have mystic clovers or they will not work.

They will give all the stats Career Lots give


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