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November 30 2013
by [Admin]Rage

Forum Event : [Christmas gifts]

Hoo-Hoo-Hoo , Santa is here to give you presents !!
but Santa wants you to guess your present in order to win it!
Santa got few presents, he will hide every present in a gift box.
You have to guess what each gift box have inside.
On Christmas Day Santa will give you whatever you guessed right.
You could win a prize, two or more, or maybe nothing >:3
So let's see what Santa have to give

The presents list : (You gotta guess what each box have from this list)
Rage set
Sage set
Fearless app
Custom apparel card
20 imps

Even Duration :
Starts : 1st of Dec 2013
End : 23rd of Dec 3013
Winners announcement : 25th of Dec 2013

How to participate :
Copy-paste this form :

Char name :
Blue gift box has :
Yellow gift box has :
Red gift box has :
Green gift box has :
Purple gift box has :

Rules :
Each player can participate with one post only, GM will make sure to check forum+char IP to avoid any cheating.
If anyone busted trying to cheat will be kicked from the event + will be given a warning and wont be able to participate in any forum events in the future.
Make sure to post your char name.
You can always edit your post and change your guess, but it has to be anytime before the deadline which is 23rd of Dec.
Dont PM me here or ingame asking for any help even if you are my friend, you will be punished :3

The Gift Boxes :

GoodLuck & Merry Xmas!!

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