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Oct 17, 2021          04:37:02 PM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp 35x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp 40x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate 25x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth
Rates are boosted until October 31st, 2021 11:59 PM


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Navy GuildsPirate Guilds
Online nowOnline peak
The server is currently Online
+15% damage buff
Damage buff until October 31st, 2021 11:59 PM
Stats update every 5minsView server uptime


Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st `Alan 9,004
2nd [Dean-Ambrose] 6,610
3rd Mort^SuBiT 6,174
4th -[#24]+Wegzz~ 5,612
5th [Narco] 4,857
6 Koto#16 4,761
7 [#13Ursula#14] 4,749
8 zSkill. 4,243
9 [DC]Hava 4,185
10 [r]-SS~ 3,180

August 24 2015
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Aug 24th, 2015]

Hey guys, the server is back online!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.
- Patch August 23rd, 2015 -

Guild Wars

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Guild Wars has finally arrived in ROSO! You can register for guild war at Guildmaster - Forlan Shaitain City (831,3548).

There are 8 Guild War rounds every week.
Round 1: Monday at 7:00 AM
Round 2: Monday at 5:00 PM
Round 3: Wednesday at 9:00 AM
Round 4: Wednesday at 7:00 PM
Round 5: Friday at 11:00 AM
Round 6: Friday at 9:00 PM
Round 7: Saturday at 1:00 PM
Round 8: Saturday at 11:00 PM

When you are ready to register, the system will automatically place you in the next available round.

Ex: {Guild A} Registers, system will place them as the Defender in Round 1. {Guild B} Registers later, system will place them as the Challenger to {Guild A} in Round 1. {Guild C} would then be registered as the Defender in Round 2, and {Guild D} will be the challenger to {Guild C}

Note: At this current time you cannot select which Round you wish to participate, this will be implemented in the next update.

The game will restart all rounds every Monday at 12:00 AM.


In order to register
1.)You must be the guild leader
2.)Your guild must have 150 Guild Credits

Note: Each guild can participate in Guild War once per week.
Note: Each player can only participate in 1 guild war per week.


Each guild leader can purchase "Defenders"for their guild in guild war!

In order to purchase these defenders, you must already be registered for guild war.


There is a "cost" limit for each defender you may purchase.
Each Guild starts off with 30 cost. Guilds get 10 cost per Guild Level.
Ex: Guild Lv2 will have 50 cost. (30 + (10 x 2))

DefenderCostMax Amount
+1 Tower420
+1 Guardian510
+1 Wolf Archer415
+1 Pirate55
+1 Soldier225
+1 Captain610
+7% Base Defense155
+5% Base Attack155
+1 Bomb[Novice]110
+1 Bomb[Standard]37
+1 Bomb[Expert]55
+1 Water Mine[Novice]120
+1 Water Mine[Standard]218
+1 Water Mine[Expert]415

Note: The Trade Value you see ingame is the amount of guild credits you need. It is NOT gold.

Note: You can use the command "/guildwar" or "/gw" to see the status of your guild registration.



[Winning Condition]

Whichever side kills the opposing guild's base first will win.

Sea Upgrades

[Sea Bosses]

Ancient Behemoth
Black Jewel
Prehistoric Giant Octopus

Gem Combiner

The following gems were added to the Lv4 Gem Combiner
    ~ Chiatan's Aura
    ~ Lock's Hit
    ~ Bing's Dodging
    ~ Feng's Defense
    ~ Shark's Strengthening
    ~ Justice's Look
    ~ Honor's Cap
    ~ Storm's Lab
    ~ Mage's Power
    ~ Sage's Power
    ~ Rage's Power
    ~ Excrutiating Dragon Eye
    ~ Excrutiating Dragon Heart
    ~ Excrutiating Dragon Soul
Note: The combiner will only take Lv1 Gems.

Battle Royal

-Players will no longer gain kills/points from the same IP Address
-The invincibility state that players gained when entering the map is removed

Chaos Argent/Bounty Hunter PK

Once the portal closes, there is a long wait before players can obtain their prize if they are the final person in the map. To solve this, once the portal closes and there is ONLY 1 PERSON in the map, there will be an early countdown to close the map and reward the player.

Dark Swamp

The Dark Swamp Boss now has a chance to drop multiple Hydros Fruits!

Note: More changes to make FC and DS more appealing will be on the way!

Hell Chapter/Hell House

The portals for Hell Chapter and Hell House have been modified!
Hell HouseHell Chapter
Opens Every
Before6 Hours8 Hours
After3 Hours4 Hours
Portal Open Duration
Before30 minutes1 hour 20 minutes
After1 Hour1 Hour 30 minutes

Class Balances


Titan's Fury
Hit rate and Dodge down, HP bonus increased.
- Dodge and hit rate increased by 75% -> 50%
- HP Bonus 40% -> 50%
Dodge Rate down, HP bonus up.
Blade of Hydros
- Dodge Rate Bonus: 90 -> 70
- Maximum HP Bonus: 750 -> 850
Fury Rage Blade
- Dodge Rate Bonus: Unchanged.
- Maximum HP Bonus: 450 -> 550
Fury Kylin Blade
- Dodge Rate Bonus: Unchanged.
- Maximum HP Bonus: 350 -> 450
Hammer Changes
Attack Rate up across all hammers. Base attack increased greatly.
Hammer of Hydros
- Attack Rate Bonus: 19% -> 25%
- Attack: 1398/1564 -> 1500/1687
- Strength Bonus: 115 -> 140
Rage Hammer
- Attack Rate Bonus: 15% -> 21%
- Strength Bonus: 85 -> 110
Kylin Hammer
- Attack Rate Bonus: 12% -> 18%
- Strength Bonus: 55 -> 80


Damage down, cooldown up.
- Damage: 100% -> 85%
- Cooldown: 7 seconds -> 10 seconds.

[Seal Master]

BD Seal no longer lasts long enough to make a sandwich.
- Black Dragon seal time 100% -> 50%


BD effect added, Enchanted Exporter changed.
Mytho Transmutation
- Added a very low chance (same rate as the rest of BD effects) to stun a surrounding target for 5 times the duration.



- Useless Attack Speed boost -> 10% bonus hit rate at lv10.
- Duration: 15 seconds -> 10 seconds.


-Guilds with less than 10 members have been removed
-Navy Name bug (When a Navy Guild that has changed it's name disbands, if another person creates a Navy Guild, they would keep the changed name instead of being defaulted back to "Navy Division") has been fixed.
-There is a 30% chance to gain a small amount of Guild Credits when defeating members of another guild in the following maps
    ~Chaos Argent
    ~Chaos Tundra
    ~Bounty Hunter PK
    ~Battle Royal
    ~Forsaken City
    ~Dark Swamp
    ~Demonic World
    ~Guild War
-The Lv150 skills obtainable from Skill Exchanger in Shaitan City will no longer delete the skillbook if you do not have sufficient life skill points.
-You can no longer sell any equipment that is forged to an NPC.

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