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September 14 2015
by [Admin]Elixir

Video Event 2015!

Hey everybody,

It's been a long time since we did a video event, so here you go!

EVENT DURATION: September 15th @ 12:00AM - September 30th @ 11:59PM

In this event, players will create a video for Rage of Sage Online. Here's a few guidelines:
- All video content must be from in-game
- 1-3 minutes max. We cannot spend time watching 30 10 minute videos, so keep it short guys!
- Showcase the server in a positive light, and include as much information as you see fit.
- If you wish to make a satirical video, it needs to be apparent that it is indeed satirical.
- Rage has requested that all participants download - this introduction - . You should place it at the start of the video.
Videos will be judged according to, but not limited to, these points:
- Apparent time and effort put into the video
- Quality of the video (bonus points for special effects, but not needed)
- Adequately showcases the server in a positive light

Video Judges:
- [GM]Elixir
- [HD]Axel

Submit your videos on the forums at this link:

The top 3 videos will receive a special reward, but we're keeping those secret!
All runner-ups will also receive a consolation prize.

Good luck to all participants!!

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