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2nd Cute~. 212 CA Points
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October 25 2015
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Oct 25th, 2015]

Hey guys, the server is back online!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.
- Patch October 25th, 2015 -

Halloween Town

It's halloween time, and the ghosts and ghouls are coming out to play.
A portal to the mysterious Halloween Town has appeared, and is letting pirates come in if they dare.
You will need a pumpkin or a deathsoul mask equipped to enter.

-The map opens every [13 hours]
-The portal stays open for [12 hours]

-The portal can be found at (2252,2685) Argent City

Inside Halloween Town, you will see a bunch of mobs. These mobs drop a Halloween Event Card. On halloween day, you will be able to exchange them to the npc for a certain amount of Haloween Goodies! There is also a certain chance to obtain an Evil Pumpkin Head Carving.

-Halloween King [Respawns every 4 hours]
-Located at (138, 281)
-At [50% HP] will summon Halloween Phantom
-At [20% HP] will summon Halloween Dragon

[Mini BOSS]
-Halloween Horror [Spawns every 3 hours]
-Located at (138, 281)

Halloween Quests

There are a few new IGS Quests that players may obtain.
Halloween Mission Enter Halloween Town [3] different times between October 26th - November 8th. *
Halloween Mission Kill a certain number of mobs inside of Halloween Town within the time limit.
Halloween Mission Reach Floor 15 in Tower of Terror wearing Pumpkin or Deathsoul mask
Halloween Mission Clear all 25 floors in Tower of Terror wearing Pumpkin or Deathsoul mask

Note: All quests only last until November 8th.
Note*: This means that you must enter a map 1 time per opening. Ex: Halloween Town opens every 13 hours. You must enter once per 13 hours.

Evil Pumpkin Head Carving

All mobs in Halloween Town and Tower of Terror have a certain chance to reward you with a Evil Pumpkin Head Carving.

To read more about this event, click here

Ethereal Potion

There is a brand new potion in ROSO and it is called the Ethereal Potion!

At the moment, the only way to obtain it is by completing the Halloween Quests. There will be more ways to obtain this amazing potion later on.

We also have plans to add some more new potions to the game, however that is for another update!

Note: There is only a small chance to obtain it when completing the Halloween Quests. They are NOT a 100% quest reward.


-An Easier Start. For more information click here
-FC Updated. For more information click here
-Added Sacred War & Halloween Town to Map Timer
-Fixed a glitch involving VIP Set glow.

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