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January 22 2017
by [Admin]Rage

Server Online - Patch [Jan 22nd, 2017]

Hey players,

The server is back online! Please make sure to download the newest patch or you'll be unable to login!

Download the following patch if your autopatcher cannot update your client automatically.

Eden's Defense

Welcome to Eden's Defense! The objective of this map is to save Goddess Eden from the clutches of her enemies.

[Entrance Location]

You can enter Eden's Defense via the NPC Eden Pass in Argent City (2235,2795).

[Entrance Rules]

There are a few rules before you're allowed entry into Eden's Defense.
-1.) You cannot be in a party
-2.) You must be fully equipped
-3.) You must have enough entry attempts
-4.) You cannot have vessel deed in your inventory
-5.) There must be an empty room available

Once you've abided by the rules you'll be place in the next available room. There are 15 rooms available at once.
[ Entry Attempts ]
-Every player has 15 entry attempts per day.
-Your entry attempts will decrease by one every time you enter the map. Whether you win or not does not matter.
-Once you have 0 entry attempts left, you will be unable to enter the map until the next day.
-You can gain extra entry attempts every time you complete Tower of Terror for a maximum of 5. With the bonus entry attempts, you'll have 20 entries into Eden's Defense.

Note1: You must have entered Eden's Defense at least once before you can gain any bonus attempts by completing Tower of Terror.

[Instance Information]

Once entered, the following will apply
-Players will be unable to use skills Master Teleportation and Love Line while inside of the Eden's Defense

After a few secs Goddess Eden will be spawned too.
Eden 1Eden 2

She will be spawned with 100,000,000 Health.

After she gives you a quick rundown of what's going to happen, the first wave of monsters will spawn.
Wave 1

The waves will continue to spawn once they feel they are loosing to try and overtake Eden.
Wave after Wave

There are an infinite number of waves. They will continue to spawn until Eden dies or you survive the entire 5 minutes.
Note1: You'll be given a notice about Eden's health everytime it reaches a certain percentage.

[Monster Information]

The monsters in Eden's Defense are designed to entirely ignore the player. They will only attack Eden.

Just like in Tower of Terror, the monster's stats here will be depending on your stats. They are calculated differently though.

Mobs stats are re-calculated after each wave. If you use any pot/skill that alters your stats, the stats of the mobs on the next wave will increase. (Ex: Use buff note after entering the map on Wave 1, will increase the mob stats from Wave 2+.) The mob stats will not go back down.

[Rewards Inquiry]

The rewards for doing defending Goddess Eden are broken down into 3 Tiers. Depending on how long she survives, you'll obtain a different Parcel.
Sacred ParcelDivine ParcelHoly Parcel
Goddess Eden was alive for [3mins+]Goddess Eden was alive for [4mins+]Goddess Eden was alive for [5mins]
-A random amount IGShop Crystals-A random amount IGShop Crystals-A random amount IGShop Crystals
-A +1% EXP Scroll -A random amount between (3-5) of +1% EXP Scroll -A random amount between (5-7) of +1% EXP Scroll
-A random amount between (5-10) of Raid Fragment(s) -A random amount between (1-2) of +5% EXP Scroll -A random amount between (2-3) of +5% EXP Scroll
-A random amount between (5-10) of Wyvern Fragment(s) -A random amount between (15-18) of Raid Fragment(s) -A random amount between (1-3) of +10% EXP Scroll
-Another Sacred Parcel-A random amount between (15-18) of Wyvern Fragment(s) -A random amount between (20-25) of Raid Fragment(s)
-A Novice Blueprint-Another Divine Parcel-A random amount between (20-25) of Wyvern Fragment(s)
-A chance for one of the Ingredients for the New Blueprints1-A Standard Blueprint-A random amount between (1-3) of Ascendant Shard(s)
-A Lv2 Manu-Pack -A chance for one of the Ingredients for the New Blueprints1-Another Holy Parcel
--A random amount between (1-2) of a Lv2 Manu-Pack -An Elite Blueprint
--A Great Gem Bag-A chance for one of the Ingredients for the New Blueprints1
---A Lv4 Manu-Pack
---A random amount between (1-2) of a Great Gem Bag
May obtain up to 2 item(s) 2May obtain up to 3 item(s) 2May obtain up to 4 item(s) 2

Note1: You can find more information about these items via our Game Guide.
Note2: You may obtain UP to those amounts. The lowest amount of items that you can get is 1.
Note3: You will obtain one of the items listed above at random. Depending on the maximum amount of items you can get, your inventory space needed may change.

Daily Achievements

Daily Achievements have replaced Daily Quests! They are now available to anybody who wishes to do them!

To get started visit Commander Smith in Icicle City (1298,526)

From there you can obtain different tasks that you'll need to achieve.

Task RatingsTasks

Note1: You can only choose up to 7 different tasks to do per day. Select the ones you want to do carefully.


The task options that you have are quite simple. Most of them are things you may already do daily, or if not encourage you to do daily.

Rating ARating BRating C
Rating DRating F

When you select a task, you'll be given a simple description of what you'll have to do. Once you've decided on a task you'll need to accept it.

Task OverviewAccept Task

At any time you want to see your progress on your tasks, use the new player command "/daily" or "/task"


Each Task has a rating that will determines their difficulty or "worth".
You'll be rewarded Achievement Badges depending on the rating of the task.
Rating ARating BRating CRating DRating F
Badges5x 4x 3x 2x 1x

[Achievement Shop]

You can spend your badges in the Achievement Shop. To go to it, visit Cadet Roger in Icicle City (1293,530)

Note1: New items will be added to the shop periodically


R-Scout stands for "ROSO Scout". It is a way for existing players to "scout" out new players to join our server via giving them a scout code to register with. As they continuously play the server, both you and the player you "scouted" will be rewarded!

You can access your Scout Page via the link on the sidebar of your account page.

[How it Works]

1.) You generate your personal scout code/link
2.) You send out your personal scout code/link
3.) Somebody registers with your scout code/link
4.) That person is then placed under your "Scouts"
5.) When that person reaches and redeem their Tier reward, you'll get rewarded as well!


The prizes are rewarded in tiers. Meaning in order to get the prize, the Scout must have done the following.

Tier I - Created a new character and stayed online for 24 hours (1 day)
Tier II - Created a new character and stayed online for 72 hours (3 days)
Tier III - Created a new character and stayed online for 120 hours (5 days)
Tier I
(1 Day Online)
10x + 1x 1x + 1x
Tier II
(3 Days Online)
1x + 15x 99x + 1x
Tier III
(5 Days Online)
1x 2 + 10x + 1x 1x + 1x + 1x + 10x

You'll be able to check how long you've stayed online via the Scout Page.

Note1: Until the scout's account has redeemed the Tier III prize, they will not be able to participate in the "Online Exchange" feature.
Note2: You'll only receive this necklace once.
Note3: The recruiter will be able to only obtain their reward after the scout has.

[Scout Neck]

When you equip a Scout Necklace , you'll get a 15% HP bonus.


1.) The following items have been modified to become an apparel.
    1.) Honorary Crown of Kings
    2.) Arthur's Crown
    3.) QiQii Hat (Please re-purchase from NPC)
    4.) FeiFei Hat (Please re-purchase from NPC)
    5.) SiSi Hat (Please re-purchase from NPC)

Note1: Snowdoll, Pumpkin, and Deathsoul masks have also been modified. Please re-purchase them from the NPC in order to fuse them.

2.) Renamed NPC "New Gems" in Demension Castle to "Demension's Blacksmith"
3.) Added better honor exchange options to "Demension's Blacksmith".
4.) Decreased Rebirth Mystic Power attack boost bonus from 90% to 80%

Note1: All classes will notice a decrease in their attack by about 10% if you have already completed Rebirth 1-3.
Note2: We are testing these changes. This may be permanent or changed in later updates depending on the feedback we receive.

5.) Fixed a bug involving DS2 Chests not dropping gems.
6.) Added the option to exchange 200x Wyvern/Raid Fragments for 1x Wyvern/Raid Shards at the Raid NPC
7.) Fixed a bug involving Apparel Kylin/Fearless sets being removed if they are gemmed when making their respective sigils
8.) Fixed a bug involving Runic Kylin Apparel flickering players stats

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