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Sep 25, 2021          04:11:39 AM


Note: Not all translations may be 100% accurate.

ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

For more information about any item(s) or monster(s) in our server, check out our Game Database

Note: You can hover your mouse over any icon for more details about that item.

This guide was last updated on December 20th, 2019


New Blueprints

We have added new blueprints to the server!

Novice BlueprintStandard BlueprintElite Blueprint

Obtainable From the Following Mobs
-Snowman Warlord
-Pirate Captain 008
-Elder Wyvern
-Black Dragon
-Deathsoul Commander
-Artic Witch

Double click the new blueprints to obtain either a Manufacturing, Cooking, or Crafting blueprint.

Note: Only Elite blueprint has a 100% chance to give you a new blueprint. Standard has a 90% Chance and Novice has a 75% chance.

Kylin Sigil/ Fearless Sigil

How To Obtain: Manufacturing.

The Items that are required for each sigil, are their apparel counterpart.

Once you have the sigil, place it on your 4th inventory slot to gain it's effect.

Note: The blueprints for the sigil's are only obtainable from Novice, Standard or Elite blueprint

New Potions

There are 6 New Potions that player's can cook up!

IconMaterial 1Material 2Material 3
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xEnchanted Bottle (1-3)xElven Royal Signet (1-3)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xMysterious Cloth (1-3)xElven Signet (5-8)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xEnchanted Bottle (1-3)xElven Signet (5-8)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xMysterious Cloth (1-3)xDark Ember (1-3)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xEnchanted Bottle (1-3)xHydros Fruit Fragment (1-3)x
Strengthening Gem (4-6)xElven Signet (4-6)xBlack Powder (1-5)x

Note: Each of the potions above can only be obtainable by cooking. Their cooking blueprints can be obtainable from Novice, Standard or Elite Blueprints