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Aug 14, 2020          09:32:54 PM

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20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Taeme~ 401
2nd [Sexy]Hava 269
3rd [[email protected]] 253
4th Drake~ 250
5th [Dean-Ambrose] 196
6 [#13Garru-#13] 153
7 [L-] 80
8 [-SpallanZany-] 66
9 Lyra~ 54
10 Black[Magic]Man 50

March 11 2019
by [Admin]Rage

Update Log [Mar 11th, 2019]

Hey players,

We have applied a new patch on March 11th, 2019.

Download the following patch if your auto patcher cannot update your client automatically.

Update Details

[Update #1] Added the accepted Custom Apparels.

[Update #2] BH/CA/CT/CS rewards are doubled every Saturday and Sunday.
Note1: This was implemented on our Dec 13th, 2018 update, however it seems that it was not announced during that update.

[Update #3] 'Trait Sealing Tablet' has been changed to a 'Trait Fission Tablet'. Augments and Traits will be kept during this process.
Note1: 'Trait Fission Tablet' will allow you to keep the apparel and augment grade/trait of your equipment.
Note2: 'Trait Fission Tablet' is available in the Item Mall for 1,500 IMPs.

[Update #4] Fury Kara and Morpheus Abyss Demon now spawns at these specific times
Fury Kara
Days of the WeekTime
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday10:03 AM
Thursday and Friday2:03 PM
Saturday and Sunday8:03 PM
Morpheus Abyss Demon
Days of the WeekTime
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday10:03 PM
Thursday and Friday2:03 AM
Saturday and Sunday8:03 AM
Note1: Previously on March 7th, 2019, we made the drop system go towards the highest damage dealer. Now it has been changed to the same system as Raid Dragon - Igneel. The items will drop and have a 30 second protection time. Afterwards anybody will be able to pick them up.

[Update #5] Upgrading all equipment will no longer remove the apparels.
Note1: Previously if you upgraded (Rage Weapon -> Hydros Weapon), only gems would be transferred and the apparel would be lost. Now the apparel is kept as well.

[Update #6] Fixed the following bugs regarding stats:
1. VIP Set bonus not being removed if you've unequipped the set.
2. KOTH King stats resetting upon using Master Teleportation.
3. Stats should now remain consistent while equipping a Necklace Title, Swing and Terror cape.

[Update #7] Contem Stones can now be combined up to Lv9! In order to combine the Contem stones over Lv5, you'll need to obtain a 'Contem Combination Scroll' obtained from Abbadon 9+ bosses or ROSO Coin Shop.

That's not all though! Contem stones Lv6 and above will now be 1.75x more effective!
(Lv7)Terror Cape +15(Lv7)Terror Cape +27

Note1: When embedding Contem stones Lv6+ to your capes, you will need 15x 1-Billion Notes times the level of Contem stone. Ex: To embed Lv6 Contem stone, you need 90x 1-Billion Notes. Lv7 Contem stone 105x 1-Billion Notes etc.
Note2: The 1.75x stat bonus is only applied to the stones Lv6+. Ex: Lv5 Contem Fluega - Increase physical attack damage by 10%, Lv6 Contem Fluega - Increase physical attack damage by 13.5%. 10% for Lv5 + Lv6 bonus 3.5% (2% base * 1.75).
Note3: There is no fail rate for embedding Contem stones.
Note4: The fail rate for combining Lv6+ Contem stones is the same as any other gem.

[Update #8] Added Awakening for accessories! You can now awaken your Fearless, ROSO, Dark Rings & Fearless, ROSO, Master, and Dark Necks to upgrade them with augments! Stats at max augment have been added to game guide.

~ Visit Game Guide ~

Note1: All previous information regarding awakening/augmenting is the same. The game guide has been updated to show the stats of the accessories.
Note2: If you are upgrading your Awakened ROSO/Master neck to Dark; the trait, augment grade, and neck apparel (if fused) will transfer.
Note3: Any functions that required ROSO/Master neck, will work if you have an awakened version as well.
Note4: /buff now shows all of the awakening bonuses that are active on your character.

[Update #9] Perfect and Diety Relics now include Great Gem Bags as one of the prizes upon opening!
You can also now farm augment ores from the mobs in FC/DS!
The mini bosses drop many success/decrease ores!
The final bosses drops many success/decrease ores, as well as guaranteed ores and a brand new "Augment Mini Success Increase" which will increase the augment success by +5%!

Use them in combination with your "Augment Success Increase" for a +25% chance increase!
Note1: You must leave both success increases in your inventory. They will be deducted upon Augmenting equipment.
Note2: For more information about relics, check out our previous guide.
Note3: You can also obtain "Augment Mini Success Increase" from Abbadon 9+ bosses.

[Update #10] Added spawn points for CT, CA and CS.
Tundra Dragon
Icicle City (1307,530)
Chaos Administrator
Icicle City (1373,529)
Chaos Shaitan Admin
Shaitan City (815,3644)

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