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Mar 25, 2023          06:14:46 AM

Server Rates
20x Solo-Exp
25x Party-Exp
15x Drop-Rate
7000x Fairy Growth


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Ranking List
Rank Player Score
1st ~Lizzy 2,704
2nd +Savage~~ 2,471
3rd Tycoon~ 2,216
4th l~[#Groggy#]~l 1,578
5th [CoG]avetharun 1,355
6 -[#24]+Wegzz~ 1,176
7 [Narco] 938
8 !Rengoku* 852
9 SpallanZany 750
10 Itachi- 736

April 27 2020
by [Admin]Rage

Update Log [Apr 27th, 2020]

Hey players,

We have applied a new update on April 27th, 2020.

Download the following patch if your auto patcher cannot update your client automatically.

Patch April 27th, 2020
ROSO Patch

Update Details

[Update #1] Added the accepted Custom Apparels.

[Update #2] Modified the timings for KOTH and CS. Check the following table for the complete schedule.
12:00 AM12:00 to 12:30---12:30 to 1:00
1:00 AM-1:00 to 1:251:30 to 2:00--
2:00 AM2:00 to 2:30--2:30 to 3:00-
3:00 AM-3:00 to 3:253:30 to 4:00--
4:00 AM4:00 to 4:30--4:30 to 5:00-
5:00 AM-5:00 to 5:255:30 to 6:00--
6:00 AM6:00 to 6:30---6:30 to 7:00
7:00 AM-7:00 to 7:257:30 to 8:00--
8:00 AM8:00 to 8:30--8:30 to 9:00-
9:00 AM-9:00 to 9:259:30 to 10:00--
10:00 AM10:00 to 10:30--10:30 to 11:00-
11:00 AM-11:00 to 11:2511:30 to 12:00--
12:00 PM12:00 to 12:30---12:30 to 1:00
1:00 PM-1:00 to 1:251:30 to 2:00--
2:00 PM2:00 to 2:30--2:30 to 3:00-
3:00 PM-3:00 to 3:253:30 to 4:00--
4:00 PM4:00 to 4:30----
5:00 PM-5:00 to 5:255:30 to 6:00--
6:00 PM6:00 to 6:30---6:30 to 7:00
7:00 PM-7:00 to 7:257:30 to 8:00--
8:00 PM8:00 to 8:30--8:30 to 9:00-
9:00 PM-9:00 to 9:259:30 to 10:00--
10:00 PM10:00 to 10:30--10:30 to 11:00-
11:00 PM-11:00 to 11:2511:30 to 12:00--
Note1: Map timings have been modified to help alleviate the 'dead air' that occured between a map closing and the next map that opened.
Note2: While there are some other maps that still open during some of the specified times above, they are not the prime targets of this update currently. In the future they may be changed as well.
Note3: Chaos Shaitan map duration has been decreased to match those of Chaos Argent and Chaos Tundra.

[Update #3] Increased the stacking limit of the following items:
1. Steam Bun/Bun/Biscuit/Fried Dough/Spring Roll to 9999x
2. Maiden/Scholar/Mao/Dukan/Ginseng Wine to 9999x

[Update #4] Modified Weekly PK Ranking. Removed the win point system. The ranking will now be determined by a score which is simply your kills minus your deaths.
Note1: In cases where your deaths exceed your kills, 0 will be displayed.
Note2: For those that are in the top 5, 48 hour ban, your deaths will not be incremented upon dying to allow you to start at 0 deaths once the 48 hour ban is over. Your kills will also start at 0, as a reminder.
Note2: To report anybody intentionally "feeding", please provide video evidence of the "feed". You may submit it as a ticket or you can direct message (DM) the video to one of our staff members on discord.
Note3: Any players confirmed to be "feeding" or intentionally gaining kills from allies will permanently banned from the rankings. This notice is your only warning. Once banned, you will not be able to appeal this.

[Update #5] Revamped 'Sacred War' to be suitable for all players, regardless of your gear!
For more details and a complete guide of the entire system, check out our - Sacred War Revamped Guide -

For those of you that want a "TL;DR" version. Players will be split into Red or Green faction upon entering. All classes will have the same stats and many restrictions on skills inside of the map. The "war" is essentially like a team-based world boss. The goal is to deal more damage to the opposing faction within the 30-minute time limit. All players that reach the damage require will obtain a participation prize, and the winning faction will get an additional winner prize. For all of the specific details, please check the guide above.

Feel free to report any bugs in our discord's #bug_report channel, or any suggestions you may have in our #suggestions_channel channel!

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