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September 22 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Double IMP Event!

Hello There Guys!,

Well you guys been asking for a double imp event well here it is. The event will last till Tuesday September 27th 2011 So here we go.

All points malled you will gain double That amount!

A special part of this is that for every $50 Donated you will get 3x Free Rage or Sage Master Chests!

This means that if you donate 75 you will still only get 3, if you donate 100 you will get 6 and so on!

In order to get the free Rage or Sage master Chest, you MUST send an email to [email protected] with the subject as "ROSO Is My Life!". If you do not name your email as this is will be ignored!!
In the email, you must say

How Much You Donated:
Character Name:
Which Chest You Want:

Please do not spam us if you have not gotten your chests in 48 hours! They will be added to your Storage Box so check there!

Also! many people have been confused on why they are receiving their imps so late. Well thats because you did not complete the Order Form! Please Please use this form as it will get you your imps much quicker and the system is faster than us having to go through my email!

I login the website atleast 70 times a day. I log roso-donate email about 20 times a day so you will be guarenteed faster imps if you use the form, plus its much nicer :D

Thank you all for being patient with us the past couple of weeks!
ROSO Team!

Long Live ROSO Woot Woot!

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