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October 6 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Thank's giving.

Well we all know it's thank's giving for most people this weekend. So i'm thinking a event for thank's giving and a new theme for the thank's giving weekend for forum.

Currently working on forum for the theme.

For the event I want suggestions sent to my email ([email protected]) and tell me what kind of event you would like us to do. The more votes for the event the better chance's. The list for the event's are simple and easy.

Hide and Seek 15x Round's.
Battle of the God's. (PK) Event.!
Black Dragon Event! (Outside shaitan, 10x of each BD mob, Lance,Champ,SS,ami and 2x Black dragon's!)
Stall event!( Would start on Sunday all day)
Question and answer 20x Round's. Prize's will be alright.
and a new event!
This event will be like farming and gathering all the item's the Admins/Hd's want. After farming them we choose the top 4 runner's up and will Summon them to Player Vs Player till 1 come's out on top!
Will do 3 event's of this.

Have a great thank's giving!

Roso Staff.

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