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December 14 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Christmas & New Years Video Event!

Hey there guys! We haven't had a video event in a while and the old vids seemed to be boring so i came up with this!

ROSO Holiday Clips !

Well its like the title says, it will be a short clip about you and or your friends (Doesn't matter who is in the video) doing Christmas type things. There are no specifics of what it should include other than the servers name somewhere in the video and a link to our main page.

Event Duration: December 17th, 2011 - January 2nd 2012

Event Judging: January 2nd 2012 - January 3rd 2012

Prize Handouts: January 4th 2012

1. Only 1 Video per Person
2. Video must be between 30 secs and 6minutes
3. No nudity (Cmon guys, its the holidays)
4. Must be posted on YouTube with the following title:

"Rage of Sage Online Holiday Entry (Your Character Name)"
- For the "tags", put "Rage of Sage Online, Tales Of Pirates Private Server 2011"

5. You must post the video link in the forum under this topic
6. Put some effort into this! (If i didn't want it to look nice, i would've made one *lol*)
7. Have Fun!

Will be Judged Based on:
-Christmas Themed
-Actually Inside ROSO Server

I'm forgetting one thing... Oh yeah!

Event Prizes:
1st Place winner will get to choose from Lv150 Pet Card Or Rage/Sage Set or 4th Rebirth Stone or Any Azrael God Chest or 50 IMPs

2nd Place winner will get to choose from
Rage/Sage Weapons or ROSO Neck/Ring or Any Azrael God Chest or 30 IMPs

3rd Place winner will get to choose from Any Azrael Deity Chest or 1 part of the Rage/Sage Set or 15 IMPs

*Note*: Azrael God Chests, Once Opened will give you the chance to obtain Lv5-8 Azrael Gem

*Note*: Azrael Deity Chests, Once opened will give you the chance to obtain Lv1-4 Azrael Gem

Thank You All! Happy Holidays!

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