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December 22 2011
by [Admin]Rage

Holiday Events!

Hey there guys! Happy Holidays to you all!

Here are the list of events i have for you guys

Fighting [GM]Santa

Well it looks like on December 24th, 2011
santa wants to come out and play! He will be in one of the corners of Demonic World at 3:00 PM (15:00) Server time. All people who participate will get 5x Azrael Chests, But!!! Only the person who manages to get the final hit that ends his life will get 10x ROSO/SORO Chests, 10x Azrael Chests, 5x 100m Notes, 3x Of Any Chipped Gem

Santa will be using normal equipment, BUT his stats will be edited a little to give him an advantage, he will be fighting back you know :P

Stats Will be as following:
-1.5mil HP
-5.5k Defense
-50k Max
-1.2k Dodge
-1.3k Attack Speed
-1.3k Hit Rate
-102 Physical Resistance

Note: During this event Santa will not be able to use codes to heal himself at all, and to ensure this, Santa will remove his GM powers.

Christmas Village

The long awaited Christmas village will be here! (Map will be available on the 23rd Of December) The map is basically a combination of Thundoria, Argent, Shaitan, And Icicle! In the Middle of the map however, there will be Santa Claus and a Great Big Christmas Tree!

You can exchange your Christmas greeting cards from thanksgiving to some good prizes in the Christmas village!

The Christmas Village map will be available until January 10th, 2012

Daily Random Events

We will start to do the daily random events again! This time there will be 3 Rounds each day only! The prizes for each round will be 3x ROSO and SORO chests, 2x 100m Notes

Christmas IMP Promotion!

Well here this comes again!! All IMPS malled will be doubled for Christmas all the way until New Years! But that is not all! for Every 50 imps malled (Without being doubled) Will obtain 1x Holiday Pack! This is how it will go

$50 = 1x Holiday Pack
$100 = 3x Holiday Packs
$150 = 4x Holiday Packs
$200 = 5x Holiday Packs

Note: 1 Holiday Packs contains : 1x Rage and Sage master Gem, 2x Lv8 Ref Vochures, and 3x Of Every Lv1 Ring/ Necklace Gems

Note: Holiday packs will be delivered to your storage boxes

Snow Ball Delivery!

Just by staying online the system will automatically give you 10x Snow balls every 15mins you can have fun throwing them at people!

New Apparels!

We have fixed the broken/bugged apparels and they will be added on December 23rds maintenance.

And i am also giving you guys a chance to have your own apparel give the same effects as kylin apparel! They will be in mall for the same price as kylin apparel.

-Cannot be an existing apparel ingame.
-You must send an email to "[email protected]" with the apparel name, texture id number and model id number. We will add new apparels to the mall every Friday

Happy Holidays To You All!!

Thanks for playing ROSO,
ROSO Team!

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