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Last Updated on: May 13th, 2024

ID Name Description Level Type
1 Short Sword Sword that is slightly shorter 10 Sword
2 Long Sword Sword that is slightly longer 20 Sword
3 Fencing Sword Sword made by western country. Light and fast 30 Sword
4 Serpentine Sword 40 Sword
5 Dazzling Sword 50 Sword
6 Wyrm Sword 60 Sword
7 Sacro Sword 70 Sword
8 Newbie Knife 1 Sword
9 Newbie Sword 7 Sword
10 Short Metal Sword 15 Sword
11 Steel Sword 25 Sword
12 Striking Sword 35 Sword
13 Two Handed Sword Requires 2 hand to wield due to its heavy weight. Higher damage than single hand weapon 15 Greatsword
14 Warrior Sword Sword use by warrior of valor 25 Greatsword
15 Criss Sword Shape of a criss cross 40 Greatsword
16 Paladin Sword 50 Greatsword
17 Bone Sword Made from dragon bone by a masterful blacksmith 60 Greatsword
18 Thunder Blade Legendary weapon with lightning properties 70 Greatsword
19 Onyx Sword 80 Greatsword
20 Rebel Sword 45 Greatsword
21 Charging Sword 55 Greatsword
22 Crescent Sword 45 Sword
23 Delusion Sword 55 Sword
24 Chest of Cabal Pirate King Online event chest. For top 100 players to reach Lv 60 in the shortest time. 0 Common Item
25 Short Bow Short-ranged bow 10 Bow
26 Long Bow Long-ranged bow 20 Bow
27 Tribal Bow Long-ranged bow made from animal parts. Small and easy to carry 30 Bow
28 Meteor Bow Bow that fires arrows like meteors and comets 35 Bow
29 Recca Bow Bow taken from the burning hell 44 Bow
30 Bow of Dawn One of the 2 bows made by an ancient hero. Bow of Dawn and Bow of Dusk 53 Bow
31 Bow of Dusk One of the 2 bows made by an ancient hero. Bow of Dawn and Bow of Dusk. 62 Bow
32 Hunter Bow 15 Bow
33 Battle Bow 25 Bow
34 Marksman Bow 35 Bow
37 Firegun Very portable firegun 25 Firegun
38 Fire-Rifle Standard firegun used. However, speed of firing is slow 35 Firegun
39 Exquisite Pistol Intricately designed gun with immense value 40 Firegun
40 Exquisite Rifle 50 Firegun
41 Laser Gun 60 Firegun
42 Venom Gun Origins unknown. Rumored to be able to fire bullets with poison 70 Firegun
43 Firegun of Sol 80 Firegun
44 Token Pistol 45 Firegun
45 Gattling Firegun 55 Firegun
46 Cabal Voucher Find Bingo at Argent City for your Cabal activation code 0 Ring
47 New Term Gift Package Double click to get Grand Attire inside 0 Common Item
48 Hairy Crab Delicious Hairy Crab. Your EXP will increase to 5 times your original level by using it within 2 minutes. Your original level should lower than 86! 0 Common Item
49 Falchion Knife sharpened on both sides. Useful for cutting and slicing for amateur sailors 0 Common Item
50 Long Falchion Long knife useful for combat 0 Common Item
51 Katana Knife used for close combat 0 Common Item
52 Tulwar Curved and swift knife 0 Common Item