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Stall name Seller Location
(Lv7)Terror Cape - Redeemed Excruciating Dragon Soul Black Angelic Wings
@Only-Smile[#14] Argent City
(2183, 2779)
( New Stall >>> )
Kylin Card
@[SaiDaFrente] Argent City
(2223, 2761)
Augment Success Increase Dark Ring 100 IMPs Token Augment Prevent Decrease Dark Matter Necklace Key Contem Fluega Augment Grade Increase Wyvern Shard
@[Andy] Argent City
(2218, 2759)
( Custom Armor/Imp/Aug guarante oree/Morp... )
JESS WHITE BD 100 IMPs Token Augment Guarantee Increase Ore Morpheus Abyss Demon Summon Scroll
@┬░┬░Antony Argent City
(2231, 2816)
( llol )
Contem Nefetri Contem Blenaro Lv1 Self Destruct Orb Bag
@awedasd Argent City
(2191, 2782)
( cheap? )
Augment Grade Increase Morpheus Abyss Demon Summon Scroll Augment Success Increase Contem Argano Contem Supree Great Gem of Striking
@Nisma Icicle City
(1317, 511)
Lv1 Holy Ring Chest Event Reward Tile Dark Matter Chest Lv1-3 Excruciating Heart Chest Lv1 Excruciating Soul Chest Lv1 Excruciating Heart Chest Accessory Gems Bag Novice Blueprint Great Gem Bag Lv1 Divine Neck Chest Lv1-8 Heavenly Chest Lv1-4 Heavenly Chest Raid Shard Heavenly Chest Tank's Buff
@United~ Icicle City
(1315, 541)
Empowered Scorpion ROSO Coin
@<3GHB<3~666 Argent City
(2234, 2811)
( elder 7.5t fast )
Elder Wyvern Summon Scroll
@KlNG Argent City
(2194, 2885)
( SW winning boxs CHEAPEST )
SW - Winning Box
@JinCaiZi1 Argent City
(2205, 2893)
( event tile 1.2t exp scroll rikanti heav... )
Event Reward Tile Contem Rikanti Raid Shard Heavenly Chest
@~LeviAc# Argent City
(2204, 2784)
( FB lv1 and 2 )
Flash Bomb Lv1 Flash Bomb Lv2
@Humb1e Argent City
(2202, 2886)
( ----------- Sexiest ROSO Stall - Everyt... )
Contem Fluega Contem Supree Contem Argano Contem Rikanti Great Gem of Striking
@ohyeah4 Argent City
(2204, 2883)
( RMG | Fluega 1-9 )
Rage Master Gem Chest Contem Fluega
@szxcstaller Argent City
(2212, 2876)
( sadasdasdas )
Wyvern Shard Exquisite Feed Augment Grade to +10
@PembunuhAnjir7 Argent City
(2207, 2875)
( )
Mini Contem Stone Bag SW - Winning Box Kylin Card Contem Stone Bag
@Venom666 Argent City
(2221, 2779)
( aug grade contems herecules set )
Augment Grade Increase Contem Supree Contem Argano Contem Nefetri Contem Blenaro Contem Hynema Contem Treflum Contem Restari Contem Ilyano Herecules Vest Herecules Moccasins Herecules Gauntlets Sage Armor Sage Gloves Sage Gloves Authentic Ore Raid Shard Lv8 Self Destruct
@abankbank Argent City
(2182, 2774)
( Vip Chest/Dark Chest/ Dark rings cruz/S... )
VIP Set Chest Dark Matter Chest Dark Ring Contem Supree
@Javoonblanco Argent City
(2151, 2781)
( augs wyvern contems gr8 stri neck title... )
Augment Mini Success Increase Augment Grade Increase Wyvern Shard Contem Supree Contem Argano Contem Rikanti King Great Gem of Striking Cape Unseal Crystal Heavenly Rage Augmented Amplifier Apparel Fearless Chest Contem Hynema
@strongnss Argent City
(2179, 2786)
( full lance custom set )
x Unruly's Hat x x Unruly's Armor x x Unruly's Gloves x x Unruly's Boots x
@Materia` Argent City
(2139, 2784)