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Last Updated on: May 13th, 2024

ID Name Description Type Class
1 Windslash Attacks target with up to 300% bonus damage Active Skill Swordsman
2 Searing Slash Adds fire damage to attack Active Skill Swordsman
3 Illusion Slash Attack target without them noticing Active Skill Swordsman
4 Phoenix Slash Attack target with the powers of a Phoenix Active Skill Swordsman
5 Fiery Arrow Imbues arrows with additional damage Fire damage Active Skill Hunter
6 Icy Arrow Imbues arrows with ice. Able to freeze or slow target Active Skill Hunter
7 Shot Array Fire multiple arrows, attack radius increases with each level Active Skill Hunter
8 Fissure Shot Damage all targets surrounding target within radius Active Skill Hunter
9 Flare Shield Fire protective flares to reduce damage done to ship body Active Skill Monster
10 Great Cannonball Fragments will deal damage to targets within range Active Skill Monster
11 Cannon Barrage Release a volley of cannon attacks at target Active Skill Monster
12 Sound Burst Release a force that damages target from a distance Active Skill Monster
13 Summon Summons a monster to fight for you Active Skill Explorer
14 Disguise Morph into summoned monster Active Skill Explorer
15 Water Surge Attacks target with a gush of water Active Skill Explorer
16 Cyclone Create whirlpools that damages any targets within contact Active Skill Explorer
17 Sacred Ray Heals a small amount of HP and damages undead Active Skill -
18 Guardian Angel Summon an angel to fight for you. Appearances change with skill level Active Skill -
19 Benediction Bring an area of friendly targets out of abnormal status Active Skill -
20 Invoke Recover TP of friendly targets within a certain area while stationary Active Skill -
22 Fallen Pharaoh Morph into a Mummy Pharaoh Active Skill -
23 Venom Cloud Create an area of poisonous cloud that slows and poisons Passive Skill -
24 Fireshield Create a burning shield that damages targets within contact Active Skill -
25 Bare Hand Passive Skill -
26 Dual Implosion Passive Skill -
27 Cannon Shot Fragments will deal damage to targets within range Passive Skill -
28 Sword Passive Skill -
29 Greatsword Passive Skill -
30 Bow Passive Skill -
31 Firegun Passive Skill -
32 Blade Passive Skill -
33 Boxing Gloves Passive Skill -
34 Dagger Passive Skill -
35 Gold Pouch Passive Skill -
36 Short Staff Passive Skill -
37 Hammer Passive Skill -
38 Dual Weapon Passive Skill -
39 Login Passive Skill -
40 Set Sail Passive Skill -
42 Ink Blast Passive Skill -
43 Tempest Slash Passive Skill Swordsman
44 Gun Research Passive Skill Hunter
45 Angel Blessing Active Skill -
46 Parlay Hit Passive Skill Swordsman
47 Phantom Slash Active Skill Swordsman
48 Cure Active Skill Swordsman
49 Blind Active Skill Swordsman
50 Protective Shield Passive Skill Swordsman
51 Frost Shield Active Skill Swordsman
52 Refined Gunpowder Passive Skill Hunter