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Stall name Seller Location
new player, needs fund, please buy
Ticket to Icicle Ticket to Argent
@amiwuzere Argent City
(2216, 2791)
voy Set aug 10/ H,Chest 1$ /married Chest, king
Apparel Fearless Armor Apparel Fearless Boots King Heavenly Chest Marriage Chest
@~Pepper*Potts~ Argent City
(2175, 2784)
Come buy GR gem high lv
Great Gem of Rage Great Gem of Colossus Great Gem of Soul Great Gem of Wind
@Singa Argent City
(2172, 2784)
Afk bitches
Augment Prevent Decrease Augment Success Increase Eye of the Abyss
@Banesco Icicle City
(1316, 516)
SORO Gem (Lv2)Terror Cape Contem Treflum Contem Fluega Contem Nefetri Lv2 Manu-Pack Lv1 Confusion Lv1 Restoration Heavenly Soul Heavenly Colossus Contem Restari
@rafaBR Argent City
(2219, 2712)
XD Come
Contem Blenaro Hydrus Chest Hypnos Chest Herecules Chest Contem Nefetri
@fukkke Argent City
(2168, 2775)
Contem Blenaro Contem Hynema Contem Nefetri Heavenly Chest
@[DoomsRain] Argent City
(2193, 2786)
4rb // raid shard
Fourth RB Chest Raid Shard
@stallerrrrrrr Argent City
(2249, 2789)
gr8 gems // gr8 gems
Great Gem of Colossus Great Gem of Soul Lv1 SORO Chest Augment Grade Increase Lv3 ROSO Gem Chest Lv1 ROSO Chest Lv2 ROSO Gem Chest Lv4 ROSO Gem Chest
@STaller·r Icicle City
(1317, 548)
supree // fluega
Contem Fluega Contem Supree
@KSHHHH Argent City
(2198, 2764)
Combiner Dreamer King Contem Hynema Broken Sage Blinding Wind Raid Shard
@[DoomsMoon] Argent City
(2191, 2788)
Augs/Abyss Eye/Contems/Traits
Augment Grade Increase Eye of the Abyss Contem Fluega Morpheus Abyss Demon Summon Scroll Contem Supree Contem Argano Great Gem of Rage Contem Rikanti Contem Nefetri Contem Blenaro Contem Restari Contem Hynema Trait 'Divined' Trait 'Hardened'
@SpacerJP5 Argent City
(2203, 2887)
Blinding Wind Fleeing Shadow Broken Sage Knight's Power
@[DoomsNight] Argent City
(2189, 2787)
fearless aug 10/hchest/rikantis
Fearless Neck Fearless Ring Heavenly Chest
@KayC Argent City
(2179, 2779)
kals // contems
Contem Hynema Contem Ilyano Kal Runestone Contem Blenaro
@AnJel°g Argent City
(2241, 2797)
Newbie Store v2.0
Sage Staff Chest EXP Pamphlet Upgraded Sage Chest Heavenly Soul
@ForeverAmi Argent City
(2234, 2789)
fear hammer
Fearless Hammer Lv9 Self Destruct Lv7 Self Destruct Lv4 Self Destruct Lv8 Restoration Lv1 Restoration
@AltScar3 Argent City
(2219, 2798)
Strengthening Gem
@Mackerrrr Icicle City
(1325, 535)
buy or bye
Augment Guarantee Increase Ore Hell Sky's Will Chaos Master Dreamer
@[TheMasterBank] Argent City
(2142, 2778)
heaven gem lv5-6-7-8
Heavenly Rage Heavenly Wind Heavenly Striking Heavenly Soul 100m Note
@semangkok Argent City
(2216, 2795)