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Last Updated on: October 19th, 2023

ID Name Description Level Type
1096 Anniversary Chest To celebrate the one year anniversary of Pirate King Online. Hope that this chest will bring you luck! 0 Common Item
1102 Lonely Cavern Summoning Scroll The scroll can be used to summon the monsters on the fourth, fifth and sixth floor of the Lone Tower 0 Common Item
1103 The Sorrow Summoning Scroll You can summon a powerful warrior on demand when using it 0 Common Item
1104 Bermuda Chest Treasure of Bermuda Guardian 0 Common Item
1105 Loneliness Summoning Scroll Monsters from Lone Towers 1 to 3 will be summoned after it is used 0 Common Item
1106 YahoohundredTreasure Chest YahoohundredTreasure Chest 0 Common Item
1119 Paradise Pouch A pouch from paradise 0 Common Item
1128 Mini Amplifier of Strive Grant double experience for a period of time. For players below Lv 40. 0 Common Item
1134 Chaos Chest Obtain through Chaos Combat. Randomly obtain a piece of Chaos equipment 0 Common Item
1144 Evil Generator Lv1 Use to summon Boss and Elite monsters. Produce by manufacturing. 0 Common Item
1145 Sand Bag Lv1 Use to summon high HP monsters with high experience. Produce by manufacturing. 0 Common Item
1482 Hugh Rock Fragment 0 Common Item
1573 Shriveled Leaf A dry and withered leaf which was once fresh and green 0 Common Item
1574 Green Leaf A fresh green leaf full of green goodness 0 Common Item
1575 Sparkling Leaf A sparkling leaf that is full of radiance 0 Common Item
1576 Leaf Bud A budding leaf which will eventually wither and dry up into a shriveled leaf 0 Common Item
1577 Three Leaf Clover A three leaf clover, believed to grant good luck to whoever possesses it 0 Common Item
1814 Mystic Chest What are you waiting for? Open it for a big surprise! 0 Common Item
1815 Beautiful Chest Delicate chest. Makes you wonder what is actually inside 0 Common Item
1847 Apple Recovers a little health 0 Common Item
1848 Bread Recovers a little health. 0 Common Item
1849 Cake Recovers a little health. 0 Common Item
1851 Item Chest Reward! Open and see! 0 Common Item
1852 Whammy Chest Wait no longer! Hurry up and open it now! 0 Common Item
1854 Bull Potion Increases Max HP limit. Lasts for 30 minutes 0 Common Item
1855 Battle Potion Increases attack power. Lasts for 150 seconds 0 Common Item
1856 Berserk Potion Increases attack speed. Lasts for 20 seconds 0 Common Item
1857 Energy Potion Increases spirit. Lasts for 3 minutes 0 Common Item
1858 Harden Potion Increases defense. Lasts for 5 minutes 0 Common Item
1859 Accurate Potion Increases hit rate. Lasts for 15 minutes 0 Common Item
1881 Open Gold Fighter Precious Deposits to obtain Taurus Captain Apparel Chest Open the chest to get your Gemini Apparel 0 Common Item
1882 Gemini Guardian Scroll Obtain quest "Fantastic Gemini-The Last Day" will allow you to meet Gemini Guardian without going to Cupid Isle by double clicking on it 0 Common Item
2216 Book for Regaining Ability skill points will be given back after use 0 Common Item
2224 Modern Apparel Chest Double click on Modern Apparel Chest to obtain a new set of Apparel 0 Common Item
2249 20,000 Note Double click to obtain 20,000 or sell to NPC 0 Common Item
2304 New Year Firework Special huge royal salute. Fire it on 1st January during 2200 hrs till 2300 hrs at GMT +8 to get some special gift 0 Common Item
2305 Number Ticket Redeem special gift 0 Common Item
2307 New Year Chest Open this Box of Treasure at Lv 40 to obtain a Pirate Voucher. Good luck! 0 Common Item
2314 Memory Stone For GM usage only. Cheating is strictly prohibited! 0 Common Item
2315 Soup of Rebirth Soup of Rebirth 0 Common Item
2327 Meteor Bow Bow that fires arrows like meteors and comets 35 Common Item
2328 Recca Bow Bow taken from the burning hell 44 Common Item
2329 Bow of Dawn One of the 2 bows made by an ancient hero. Bow of Dawn and Bow of Dusk 53 Common Item
2330 Bow of Dusk One of the 2 bows made by an ancient hero. Bow of Dawn and Bow of Dusk. 62 Common Item
2348 Falchion Knife sharpened on both sides. Useful for cutting and slicing for amateur sailors 0 Common Item
2349 Long Falchion Long knife useful for combat 0 Common Item
2350 Katana Knife used for close combat 0 Common Item
2351 Tulwar Curved and swift knife 0 Common Item
2352 Crystal Falchion Blade that glows when evil draws near. Giving its owner a source of strength 0 Common Item
2353 Phantom Falchion A legendary mystic weapon which can only be wielded by great sailors 0 Common Item