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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2018

ID Name Description Level Type
6205 Ticket to Winter Island Teleport to Winter Island 0 Ticket
7078 Pass to Aurora Area Teleport ticket to Aurora Area.It can only be used when the Dark Area is open. 0 Ticket
7079 Pass to Dark Area Teleport ticket to Dark Area.It can only be used when the Dark Area is open. 0 Ticket
7130 Ticket to Temple of Lilith Teleport to Temple of Lilith To Obtain Money 0 Ticket
7131 Ticket to Mystery Isle Teleport to a mysterious island 0 Ticket
7149 Ticket to Dream Island Teleport to Dream Island 0 Ticket
7150 Ticket to Demension's Castle Teleport to Demensions 0 Ticket
7151 Ticket to Kyjj 1 Teleport to Kyjj 1 0 Ticket
7152 Ticket to Kyjj 2 Teleport to Kyjj 2 0 Ticket
7153 Ticket to Kyjj 3 Teleport to Kyjj 3 0 Ticket
7160 Arena 0 Ticket
7374 Account Lock Book Ensures your account is safe!! 0 Ticket
7419 Gem Slot Card Bring me to any blacksmith in order to change the location of any gem in your equipment. (Pet orbs will not work) 0 Ticket
7435 Isle of Ruin Ticket Teleports You To Isle of Ruin. 0 Ticket
7746 Abaddon Entrance Ticket Ticket to be able to enter Abaddon. 0 Ticket