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Last Updated on: March 19th, 2019

ID Name Description Level Type
1710 Boar Tusk A sharp piece of tooth that can pierce through a horse 0 Common Item
1711 Bloody Wolf Tooth Tooth drop by the wolf after a fierce battle 0 Common Item
1712 White Bear Fur Poachers love to hunt the bear for their valuable fur 0 Common Item
1713 Multi Edge Tortoise Shell Shell of the longest life span animal in the world 0 Common Item
1714 Hairdo 2 Pure and white wings of a little angel 0 Common Item
1715 Conch Colorful sea shell that people love to collect 0 Common Item
1716 Vampire Tooth Tooth of vampire bat that they use to suck the blood out of their prey 0 Common Item
1717 Mole Claw Claw of the mole which they use to burrow hard rocks 0 Common Item
1718 Halloween Pumpkin Head An empty pumpkin head that serve no purpose 0 Common Item
1719 Little Snow Ball A toy that is loved by the penguins 0 Common Item
1720 Fish Bone A piece of fish bone that still have the toothmark of an unknown person 0 Common Item
1721 Yeti Chest Hair Chest hair of a mountain yeti that can used as a ward for evil 0 Common Item
1722 Bear Paw A delicious paw 0 Common Item
1723 Snowman Earring Accessory of a snow lady made from pure crystal 0 Common Item
1724 Snow Yeti Accessory Ancient accessory with unknown significance 0 Common Item
1725 Poison Mushroom The dotted spots are where the poison is 0 Common Item
1726 Stramonium Juice A juice that is able to calm any person 0 Common Item
1727 Exploding Spore A self exploding spore 0 Common Item
1728 Spider Web Sticky spider web that can only be removed by burning 0 Common Item
1729 Owl Feather Feather of a brown owl 0 Common Item
1730 Ornament Feather Feather used by tribal people for decoration 0 Common Item
1731 Rusty Spearhead A blunted spearhead 0 Common Item
1732 Stramonium Spike Small spike that is able to make a person go berserk 0 Common Item
1733 Tribal Charm The equivalent of a voodoo doll, needles sold separately 0 Common Item
1734 Chieftain Feather Feather required to make a chieftain's headdress 0 Common Item
1735 Stone Egg An Egg turned to stone - must have been a cool trick to show your friends 0 Common Item
1736 Cigar Bad for health 0 Common Item
1737 Little Devil Wings 0 Common Item
1738 Werewolf Jewelry Full of hair. Symbol of a Werewolf 0 Common Item
1739 Lizardman Bangle Cool accessory 0 Common Item
1740 Lizardman Belt Didn't know lizards wear pants 0 Common Item
1741 Terra Tools Multiple uses 0 Common Item
1742 Terra Backpack Backpack full of junk 0 Common Item
1743 Kitty Bell A bell used by rats to warn them of impending doom 0 Common Item
1744 Gear Rusty piece of junk? 0 Common Item
1745 Diary Fragment Even goddess keeps dairy - loads of gossips inside 0 Common Item
1746 Royal Jelly Did you know that royal jelly is just nutritious bee vomit? 0 Common Item
1747 Fake Documentation Used to mask identity, nationality and most important of all - Age 0 Common Item
1748 Bandit Waist Plate A wrestling belt that used to determine the champion of bandits 0 Common Item
1749 Berserk Mark A mask that whispers murderous intent 0 Common Item
1750 Golden Belt WWF champions title 0 Common Item
1751 Mud Crystal A crystal that changes its shape according to the temperature 0 Common Item
1752 Strange Mask Unusual shaped mask 0 Common Item
1753 Knight Attest Coat of arms what is used for knights 0 Common Item
1754 Tempest Mark A small shield with a dragon carved on it 0 Common Item
1755 Gold Reserve Anubis treasure hoard 0 Common Item
1756 Possessed Crystal Ball This crystal ball keeps jumping up and down in your backpack 0 Common Item
1757 Lizard Crown Crown that belong to the king of lizards, wonder what happened to his head 0 Common Item
1758 Crystal Conch Expensive cone shaped crystal 0 Common Item
1759 Mud Doll 1000 year old mud that somehow looks like a doll 0 Common Item