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Last Updated on: April 9th, 2024

Fruity Mix
Fruity Mix
Common Item
Juice mixed from many nutritious fruits. Recovers a large amount of HP
1,592G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 99x

Can be produced from

Dropped by

Lv 78 Relic Guard ID: 282
Relic Guard 90.04%
Lv 80 Relic Protector ID: 50
Relic Protector 90.04%
Lv 77 Ancient Bewitching Siren ID: 644
Ancient Bewitching Siren 75.00%
Lv 78 Ancient Dark Blue Siren ID: 653
Ancient Dark Blue Siren 75.00%
Lv 79 Ancient Mermaid Protector ID: 648
Ancient Mermaid Protector 75.00%
Lv 80 Ancient Siren Guard ID: 649
Ancient Siren Guard 75.00%
Lv 80 Carsise Champion Phantom ID: 874
Carsise Champion Phantom 75.00%
Lv 77 Cursed Black Bobcat ID: 559
Cursed Black Bobcat 75.00%
Lv 76 Cursed White Bobcat ID: 557
Cursed White Bobcat 75.00%
Lv 75 Frost Chimera ID: 87
Frost Chimera 75.00%
Lv 70 Lance Voyager Phantom ID: 871
Lance Voyager Phantom 75.00%
Lv 77 Ruthless Forest Hunter ID: 553
Ruthless Forest Hunter 75.00%
Lv 76 Shadow Siren ID: 647
Shadow Siren 75.00%