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Last Updated on: May 13th, 2024

Special Ointment
Special Ointment
Common Item
An ointment based on ancient recipe. Recovers a considerable amount of SP
372G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 99x

Can be produced from

Dropped by

Lv 54 Huge Spiky Stramonium ID: 514
Huge Spiky Stramonium 60.00%
Lv 52 Jack the Pirate's Command Ship ID: 656
Jack the Pirate's Command Ship 60.00%
Lv 53 Elite Werewolf Warrior ID: 513
Elite Werewolf Warrior 45.00%
Lv 53 Iron Mummy ID: 41
Iron Mummy 45.00%
Lv 55 Navy Rifleman ID: 667
Navy Rifleman 45.00%
Lv 51 Old Sawtooth Shark ID: 626
Old Sawtooth Shark 45.00%
Lv 53 Spearhead Shark ID: 654
Spearhead Shark 45.00%
Lv 54 Steel Mummy ID: 42
Steel Mummy 45.00%
Lv 52 White Finned Shark ID: 645
White Finned Shark 45.00%