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Last Updated on: May 13th, 2024

Ancient Scroll
Ancient Scroll
Common Item
An ancient scroll that has weird wording engraved on it
385G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 99x

Analyzed with

Dropped by

Lv 100 Siren Queen ID: 105
Siren Queen 100.00%, 100.00%
Lv 25 Bandit Leader - Adder ID: 211
Bandit Leader - Adder 100.00%
Lv 78 Ruthless Shadow Hunter ID: 554
Ruthless Shadow Hunter 48.00%
Lv 77 Cursed Black Bobcat ID: 559
Cursed Black Bobcat 45.00%
Lv 80 Relic Protector ID: 50
Relic Protector 45.00%
Lv 77 Ruthless Forest Hunter ID: 553
Ruthless Forest Hunter 45.00%
Lv 30 Captain Fickle ID: 290
Captain Fickle 30.00%
Lv 58 Sakura 13 Pirate Command Ship ID: 650
Sakura 13 Pirate Command Ship 7.50%