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Last Updated on: April 16th, 2019

Soul of Black Dragon
Soul of Black Dragon
Gem Bonus Resist +3

Rumored that if you place it on the Black Dragon Altar, you will get 1 Black Dragon equipment. Can be forged into armor or shield.

2,500,000G Droppable Tradable Deletable Not Stackable

Dropped by

Lv 150 Kara's Daughter of Goddess ID: 1247
Kara's Daughter of Goddess 51.00%
Lv 150 Kara's Pet ID: 1248
Kara's Pet 51.00%
Lv 155 Kara's Son ID: 1246
Kara's Son 51.00%
Lv 70 Revived Soul of Goddess ID: 857
Revived Soul of Goddess 51.00%
Lv 130 Black Dragon Ami ID: 886
Black Dragon Ami 7.50%
Lv 130 Black Dragon Carsise ID: 884
Black Dragon Carsise 7.50%
Lv 130 Black Dragon Lance ID: 883
Black Dragon Lance 7.50%
Lv 130 Black Dragon Phyllis ID: 885
Black Dragon Phyllis 7.50%
Lv 112 Tundra Dragon Ami ID: 1271
Tundra Dragon Ami 7.50%
Lv 113 Tundra Dragon Carsise ID: 1269
Tundra Dragon Carsise 7.50%
Lv 110 Tundra Dragon Lance ID: 1268
Tundra Dragon Lance 7.50%
Lv 110 Tundra Dragon Phyllis ID: 1270
Tundra Dragon Phyllis 7.50%
Lv 90 Black Dragon Phantom ID: 952
Black Dragon Phantom 1.50%