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Last Updated on: February 8th, 2023

Furious Gem
Furious Gem
Gem Bonus Attack +6

Can be forged into large swords, bows, staffs or daggers.

250,000G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 32x

Can be produced from

Dropped by

Lv 0 Novice Chaos Chest ID: 859
Novice Chaos Chest 37.50%
Lv 0 Novice Tundra Chest ID: 1272
Novice Tundra Chest 37.50%
Lv 1 Bayside Wreckage ID: 820
Bayside Wreckage 15.00%
Lv 85 Huge Cyborg ID: 561
Huge Cyborg 9.00%
Lv 70 Beardy Pirate Warship ID: 631
Beardy Pirate Warship 1.20%
Lv 63 Swift Cyclonic Sea Jelly ID: 621
Swift Cyclonic Sea Jelly 0.90%
Lv 59 Northern Pirate Support Ship ID: 611
Northern Pirate Support Ship 0.75%
Lv 52 White Finned Shark ID: 645
White Finned Shark 0.60%
Lv 7 Strong Little Deer ID: 842
Strong Little Deer 0.15%