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Last Updated on: May 13th, 2024

SW - Winning Box
SW - Winning Box
Common Item
Open to obtain a random prize for being on the winning faction in Sacred War!
90G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 5000x


100 IGS Crystals
3x - 5x 100 IGS Crystals
8.173% chance
Augment Grade Increase
10x - 15x Augment Grade Increase
7.212% chance
1-Billion Note
50x - 70x 1-Billion Note
7.212% chance
Exquisite Feed
30x - 50x Exquisite Feed
5.048% chance
+1 Roll Attempt
1x +1 Roll Attempt
4.808% chance
Augment Success Increase
3x - 10x Augment Success Increase
4.808% chance
Wyvern Shard
5x - 10x Wyvern Shard
4.808% chance
100 IGS Crystals
10x - 20x 100 IGS Crystals
4.808% chance
Raid Shard
10x - 15x Raid Shard
4.808% chance
Hydros Fruit
30x - 40x Hydros Fruit
4.327% chance
100-Billion Note
1x - 2x 100-Billion Note
4.327% chance
Augment Prevent Decrease Ore
500x - 800x Augment Prevent Decrease Ore
4.327% chance
50,000 Credits Token
1x - 5x 50,000 Credits Token
3.846% chance
Contem Stone Bag
1x - 2x Contem Stone Bag
3.606% chance
Mini Contem Stone Bag
1x - 2x Mini Contem Stone Bag
3.606% chance
Great Gem Bag
5x - 9x Great Gem Bag
3.606% chance
Augment Guarantee Increase Ore
30x - 40x Augment Guarantee Increase Ore
3.365% chance
+3 Roll Attempts
1x +3 Roll Attempts
2.885% chance
Teddy Swing
1x Teddy Swing
2.163% chance
Master Neck
1x Master Neck
1.923% chance
Upgraded Sage Chest
1x Upgraded Sage Chest
1.923% chance
ROSO Rings Chest
1x ROSO Rings Chest
1.923% chance
Upgraded Rage Chest
1x Upgraded Rage Chest
1.923% chance
100 IMPs Token
1x - 3x 100 IMPs Token
1.683% chance
Sage Master Gem Chest
3x - 5x Sage Master Gem Chest
1.442% chance
Rage Master Gem Chest
3x - 5x Rage Master Gem Chest
1.442% chance