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Last Updated on: February 17th, 2024

Standard Crafting Pouch
Standard Crafting Pouch
Common Item
A standard crafting pouch. Contains some items that will be useful for crafting.
25,000G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 9999x


Expert Chaos Voucher
2x - 5x Expert Chaos Voucher
5.237% chance
Strange Metal Ore
30x - 45x Strange Metal Ore
5.237% chance
Ornament Feather
60x - 70x Ornament Feather
5.237% chance
Ice Sphere
6x - 9x Ice Sphere
4.910% chance
Enchanted Owlie Egg
6x - 9x Enchanted Owlie Egg
4.910% chance
Blacksmith's Anvil
1x - 5x Blacksmith's Anvil
4.910% chance
Blacksmith's Furnace
1x - 5x Blacksmith's Furnace
4.910% chance
Smoke Sphere
6x - 9x Smoke Sphere
4.910% chance
Ocea Sphere
6x - 9x Ocea Sphere
4.910% chance
Kindle Sphere
6x - 9x Kindle Sphere
4.910% chance
Mysterious Hammer
6x - 9x Mysterious Hammer
4.910% chance
Wind Sphere
6x - 9x Wind Sphere
4.910% chance
Crushed Bones
1x - 3x Crushed Bones
3.928% chance
Powder of Lavis
1x - 3x Powder of Lavis
3.273% chance
Powder of Galvan
1x - 3x Powder of Galvan
3.273% chance
Skull Talisman
1x - 3x Skull Talisman
3.273% chance
Boots of Aracus
1x - 3x Boots of Aracus
3.273% chance
Blueprint for Weapons
1x - 3x Blueprint for Weapons
3.273% chance
Skeletal Ring
1x - 3x Skeletal Ring
3.273% chance
Blueprint for Armory
1x - 3x Blueprint for Armory
3.273% chance
Spool of Yarn
1x - 3x Spool of Yarn
3.273% chance
Blizz's Skull
1x - 3x Blizz's Skull
3.273% chance
Hand of Moltan
1x - 3x Hand of Moltan
3.273% chance
Eye of Cruor
1x - 3x Eye of Cruor
3.273% chance
Expert Crafting Pouch
1x Expert Crafting Pouch
0.164% chance
Legendary Crafting Pouch
1x Legendary Crafting Pouch
0.002% chance

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