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Last Updated on: July 14th, 2024

Pirate's Gift
Pirate's Gift
Common Item
Secret gift for fellow pirates! Double click to claim your prizes.
90G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 9999x


Novice Blueprint
3x - 4x Novice Blueprint
6.510% chance
Novice Crafting Pouch
3x - 4x Novice Crafting Pouch
5.425% chance
Exquisite Feed
30x - 50x Exquisite Feed
5.425% chance
Novice Jar of Milk
4x - 6x Novice Jar of Milk
5.425% chance
Mini Contem Stone Bag
1x - 2x Mini Contem Stone Bag
5.425% chance
1-Billion Note
30x - 50x 1-Billion Note
5.425% chance
Great Gem Bag
1x - 2x Great Gem Bag
5.425% chance
100 IGS Crystals
10x - 15x 100 IGS Crystals
5.063% chance
Slice of Phoenix Pie
1x - 3x Slice of Phoenix Pie
4.340% chance
Contem Stone Bag
1x - 2x Contem Stone Bag
3.978% chance
Christmas Gift I
1x Christmas Gift I
3.617% chance
30x Merits
3.617% chance
Christmas Gift II
1x Christmas Gift II
3.617% chance
Bayne's Hardened Chest
1x Bayne's Hardened Chest
3.255% chance
Bayne's Agile Chest
1x Bayne's Agile Chest
3.255% chance
Temis's Holy Chest
1x Temis's Holy Chest
3.255% chance
Temis's Tidal Chest
1x Temis's Tidal Chest
3.255% chance
Bayne's Shrouded Chest
1x Bayne's Shrouded Chest
3.255% chance
Bayne's Divined Chest
1x Bayne's Divined Chest
3.255% chance
Temis's Chaotic Chest
1x Temis's Chaotic Chest
3.255% chance
120x Merits
2.893% chance
Advanced Jar of Milk
1x - 3x Advanced Jar of Milk
2.893% chance
280x Merits
2.170% chance
100-Billion Note
1x 100-Billion Note
1.808% chance
Rage Master Gem Chest
3x - 5x Rage Master Gem Chest
1.085% chance
Sage Master Gem Chest
3x - 5x Sage Master Gem Chest
1.085% chance
600x Merits
1.085% chance
Event Giveaway Box
1x Event Giveaway Box
0.253% chance
900x Merits
0.325% chance
Phoenix Pie
1x Phoenix Pie
0.325% chance