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Last Updated on: July 14th, 2024

Tier 2 DW Boss Box
Tier 2 DW Boss Box
Common Item
Tier 2 DW Boss Box.
10,000,000G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 5000x


Exquisite Feed
30x Exquisite Feed
13.621% chance
100 IGS Crystals
25x 100 IGS Crystals
6.810% chance
Fragmented Sage Master Gem
20x Fragmented Sage Master Gem
6.810% chance
Fragmented Rage Master Gem
20x Fragmented Rage Master Gem
6.810% chance
Raid Shard
20x Raid Shard
6.810% chance
+10% EXP Scroll
100x +10% EXP Scroll
6.810% chance
Wyvern Shard
20x Wyvern Shard
6.810% chance
1-Billion Note
25x 1-Billion Note
6.810% chance
Pouch of Melancholy
1x Pouch of Melancholy
4.540% chance
Lv150 Pet Card
1x Lv150 Pet Card
3.405% chance
Augment Grade Increase Ore
5000x Augment Grade Increase Ore
1.816% chance
Augment Grade Increase
5x Augment Grade Increase
1.816% chance
Augment Success Increase
10x Augment Success Increase
1.589% chance
Elder Wyvern Summon Scroll
1x Elder Wyvern Summon Scroll
1.362% chance
Augment Prevent Decrease
3x Augment Prevent Decrease
1.362% chance
Augment Success Increase Ore
5000x Augment Success Increase Ore
1.362% chance
Augment Prevent Decrease Ore
1200x Augment Prevent Decrease Ore
1.362% chance
Trait Fission Tablet
1x Trait Fission Tablet
1.362% chance
Rage Master Gem Chest
6x Rage Master Gem Chest
1.362% chance
Sage Master Gem Chest
6x Sage Master Gem Chest
1.362% chance
Augment Guarantee Increase Ore
50x Augment Guarantee Increase Ore
1.362% chance
VIP Set Chest
1x VIP Set Chest
1.135% chance
100-Billion Note
2x 100-Billion Note
0.681% chance
Excruciating Dragon Heart
2x Lv5 Excruciating Dragon Heart
0.681% chance
Great Gem of Soul
2x Lv4 Great Gem of Soul
0.681% chance
Great Gem of Wind
2x Lv4 Great Gem of Wind
0.681% chance
Great Gem of Striking
2x Lv4 Great Gem of Striking
0.681% chance
50,000 Credits Token
2x 50,000 Credits Token
0.681% chance
Great Gem Bag
20x Great Gem Bag
0.681% chance
Great Gem of Colossus
2x Lv4 Great Gem of Colossus
0.681% chance
100 IMPs Token
5x 100 IMPs Token
0.681% chance
1-Billion Note
50x 1-Billion Note
0.681% chance
100,000 Credits Token
2x 100,000 Credits Token
0.681% chance
Great Gem of Rage
2x Lv4 Great Gem of Rage
0.681% chance
Excruciating Dragon Eye
2x Lv5 Excruciating Dragon Eye
0.681% chance
Excruciating Dragon Soul
2x Lv5 Excruciating Dragon Soul
0.681% chance
Custom Apparel Set
1x Custom Apparel Set
0.568% chance
Demonic/Holy Wyvern Helm +27
1x Demonic/Holy Wyvern Helm +27
0.568% chance
Dark Neck +27
1x Dark Neck +27
0.454% chance
ROSO Neck +27
1x ROSO Neck +27
0.454% chance
ROSO Ring +27
2x ROSO Ring +27
0.454% chance
Dark Ring +27
2x Dark Ring +27
0.454% chance
Upgraded Rage Set +27
1x Upgraded Rage Set +27
0.341% chance
VIP Set +27
1x VIP Set +27
0.341% chance
Upgraded Sage Set +27
1x Upgraded Sage Set +27
0.341% chance

Dropped by

Lv 180 Halloween Knight ID: 1422
Halloween  Knight 100.00%