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Last Updated on: July 14th, 2024

Seal of Elder
Seal of Elder
Prevent target from using skill

Duration of 3.5s at Level 1. Duration increases by 0.5s per skill level

Fixed consumption of 550 SP

20 seconds

Active Skill Land Skill Class: Seal Master

Pre-requisite Skill

Shadow Insignia ID: 105
Shadow Insignia Skill Lv: 3

Used by

Fury Crimson Beast ID: 1420
Fury Crimson Beast Usage Rate: 20%
Curse Seal ID: 1414
Curse Seal Usage Rate: 25%
Raid Dragon Protectors ID: 1388
Raid Dragon Protectors Usage Rate: 5%
Tutu the Koko ID: 1386
Tutu the Koko Usage Rate: 10%