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Last Updated on: August 23rd, 2021




Passive Skill Land Skill Class: All

Used by

Ascendant Corp Spellcaster ID: 1442
Ascendant Corp Spellcaster Usage Rate: 80%
Ascendant Merc Spellcaster ID: 1438
Ascendant Merc Spellcaster Usage Rate: 50%
Rogue Mage ID: 1435
Rogue Mage Usage Rate: 60%
Hell's Phyllis Protector ID: 1370
Hell's Phyllis Protector Usage Rate: 80%
Terror Phyllis ID: 1281
Terror Phyllis Usage Rate: 100%
Tundra Dragon Phyllis ID: 1270
Tundra Dragon Phyllis Usage Rate: 80%
Succubus of Hell ID: 1266
Succubus of Hell Usage Rate: 30%
Small Mobster ID: 1226
Small Mobster Usage Rate: 60%
Abyss Lord - Drakan ID: 985
Abyss Lord - Drakan Usage Rate: 60%
Abyss Lord - Despair ID: 984
Abyss Lord - Despair Usage Rate: 60%
Abyss Lord - Demon Flame ID: 980
Abyss Lord - Demon Flame Usage Rate: 80%
Black Dragon Phyllis ID: 885
Black Dragon Phyllis Usage Rate: 80%
Phyllis Sharpshooter Phantom ID: 877
Phyllis Sharpshooter Phantom Usage Rate: 80%
Lance Hunter Phantom ID: 869
Lance Hunter Phantom Usage Rate: 100%